Salt Lake Vapors

On a dark, hard-to-read website, I discovered assorted e-liquid and vaping equipment, just about anything I could ask for from a single vendor. The website is posted by Salt Lake Vapors in –where else — Salt Lake City, Utah.

Pricing is competitive, some of it very good. As for shopping at their store, the experience could be hit or miss. Consumers have either been impressed or repelled, but there is always the online shopping option to avoid having to weigh in on the debate.

SaltLakeVapors.comStarting with Kits

New vapers should always buy kits, even if they start with disposable mini cigs and then try a package deal. Eventually, they are going to need a USB charger, an AC adapter, and other pieces, and why should they pay full price?

All of these products are marked up quite a bit. A starter kit contains all sorts of pieces which, when compiled this way, are cheaper than buying items separately. Besides, you can’t use a battery without a charger and clearomizer or tank anyway.

The iTaste VV V3.0 sells for $55 in four possible colors. This Innokin model contains an automatic ohms meter, puff counter, and the LED light acts as a battery-power indicator. Battery protection (against short-circuit and overcharge) is built in. The kit comes with an 800mAh VV unit, USB cable, an AC adapter, and 5 iClear 16 clearomizers.

A 510 kit looks much like a mini cig, if slightly longer, with three parts: atty, battery, and cartridge. The kit in several shades costs $29.99 with two automatic batteries, two 510 atomizers, five empty cartridges, and a USB charger.

Atomizers and Coils

The major brands of tanks or clearomizers used by vapers are the Aspire Nautilus, Kanger Protank (I, II, and III), Aearotank by Kanger, Kanger MT3 and T3, Evod, ViVi Nova, and iClear. Salt Lake Vapors has coils and atomizers so you can keep using those clearos/tanks so long as they remain intact.

Batteries and Chargers

Salt Lake Vapors sells iTaste VV V3.0 batteries on their own for $39.99. See the difference? Add about $15 and you get so much more, but this price is okay too as far as retail pricing goes. An eGo 650mAh costs $13.99 and they have the 900, 1000 Twist, a 900mAh pass-through ($18.99), and an 1100 Pass-through ($21.99). Very few places could top this.

Tanks and Clearomizers

Since the coils and atomizers are in stock, you were right to predict that they have top models of tanks and clearomizers like the Protank III costing $19.99. There is replacement glass for generic aluminum tanks ($8.99).

An MT3 by Kanger (the metal version of their T3) sells for $4.99. Add $2 for an Evod. Vivi Novas sell for $5.99. An iClear 16 costs $15.99. Buy a generic 3-ml or 6-ml kit or a G50.

A lot of people are fussy about tanks because they use juice that cracks plastic ones, or because they have discovered that cheap models don’t last. If you are going to splurge on the Aerotank, buy it here: $24.99 is great. The Aspire Nautilus goes for a decent $34.99.

Variable Voltage

The Tesla sold at Salt Lake Vapors comes with two 2200mAh batteries, a 6-ml dual coil 510-threaded tank, a 510 DCT coil, a charger, and a gift box for just $64.99. Again, Salt Lake Vapors attaches attention-grabbing prices to products. Pick up Innokin, Sigelei, VMod, and other brands as well and know the bill is going to be reasonable.

Mechanical Mods

The list contains neither all-authentic nor all-cloned mods at Salt Lake Vapors. They balance their stock with a few pricey packages and some knock-offs. An El Kapitan $190 Philippine mod with two brass or stainless steel tubes, a Morpheus for $225, and the Aftershock 2-in-1 priced $249.99 are a few examples of authentic, elegant vaping devices. The NZonic V3 Clone ($65) gives you great performance without a serial number or the cache of owning a limited edition mod. Salt Lake Vapors carries RBAs and RDAs such as a Tarus, IGO-L, and Patriot.

Drip Tips

Among the many accessories a vaper could covet are numerous artistic drip tips. At Salt Lake Vapors, they don’t have oodles of choices, but the 2 Puffs Grid is $25. A Plastic or Celluloid Ming goes for $4 or more. The Ming Stripe is a lovely piece of drip tip art for $5.50. Even though a “2 Puffs” is collectible, the Ming Stripe is prettier.

The Juice by Salt Lake Vapors Review

Salt Lake Vapors carries their own line of liquids which go without description on the website. That’s only troubling if you are unfamiliar with a title like “Tiger’s Blood” because most of their flavors are prosaic. Choose strawberry and banana, banana cream, pink lemonade, peanut butter, sugar cookie, green apple (candied), or one of many others. Their 15-ml bottles cost $9 with three nicotine strengths besides zero: 8, 16, or 24mg.

Find Them

If you aren’t in Salt Lake City any time soon, visit the store on their website, Facebook page, on Youtube, or Twitter. Their blog is outdated: not a good place for information. Facebook provides more up-to-date coverage of company promotions and images. Their shop opens 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday.