Ruthless E-Juice

When a company name is as aggressive as “Ruthless E-Juice,” you have to wonder: who is the object of this firm’s ruthlessness? Who is going to suffer from their attitude to vapor? It would be better to ask who will benefit, because if the people at Ruthless E-Juice take umbrage at anything, it’s poor quality, or perhaps anything mediocre. Their ruthlessness is directed at weeding out ho-hum juice and replacing it with exceptional products that you have to spend some time ruminating over. Every inhale and each exhale will yield a new experience.

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It is okay to be ruthless in your reviews of their e-liquids too. There won’t be many bad things to say it would seem; not unless you dislike the flavors they make as a rule, in which case you were asking for it. Even though consumers tend to like certain profiles and not others, Ruthless products are making converts out of some vapers who never thought they would like something creamy, or consumers who had bad experiences with various fruits or tobacco supplied by different companies. They might not have been inferior either, just different.

Numerous reviewers have gone online to register their approval of this line, which has made it to the menus of companies whose owners are more than a little fussy about what they stock. Buy Ruthlessly from Vape It and Vapor Life USA among others. The website for Ruthless E-Juice is just for show; a description page. Use it as a way to locate your path to excellent e-liquid. There is no online shopping portal directly to their office.

Blends of Fruit

Whoever established Ruthless E-Juice likes fruit vapes a lot. Hardly anything on the menu of about 10 blends does not contain at least one type of fruit, even if it is a baked dessert vape. In fact, it looks like the only non-fruit e-liquid here is Chewbacco, although chocolate is counted as produce in some imaginations.

Rise contains lychee, mango, and notes of jack fruit. This blend was made to raise funds for the Filipino people affected by a devastating Typhoon. The name “Rise” was chosen to encourage those people who continue to bravely defy circumstances and live again in the wake of terror and destruction.

Banana Chips is a 60/40 vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol mixture. Chewbacco tastes of chocolate tobacco. It’s the only tobacco flavor here, as though Ruthless E-Juice is making an offering of conciliation to vapers who do not like this wholesale departure from cigarette tobacco to sweet vapor they are seeing. Giving up cigarettes was hard enough without feeling marginalized all over again.

Grape Drank is really spelled this way; the way you should say it (with a twang, like you’re from the American South). It’s the same twang as in Swamp Thang. A blend of 85% vg and 15% pg makes Grape Drank light on throat hit but crazy on vapor. Where taste is concerned, look for grape skittles and grape soda: grape and sugar overload, basically. Swamp Thang contains the taste of a sour apple jolly rancher. Vapers say there is no throat hit but a realistic jolly rancher experience that’ll really make you pucker.

Peach Fuzz contains the same ratio of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, as does C-R-E-A-M-Sicle containing multiple creams with tangerine and orange. Those creams benefit the citrus selection to balance out its tartness and tang. Though not heavy like cream, there is yet a substantial texture to the cream.

Select Jungle Fever (90/10) to experience intense mango, pineapple, and citrus with virtually no tickle in your throat and enough white clouds for a mountain summit. Another 90/10 blend is EZ DUZ IT: strawberry and watermelon. Slurricane, also containing 90% vegetable glycerin, should remind you of tropical peach, guava, and papaya.

Reviews suggest that the mango in Mandango is dominant over other flavors, but not to the point of drowning them. Careful choice of ingredients and ratios allows lesser features of a vape to work as supporting players, which are not significant on their own yet bring out the best in e-liquid stars.

Select Ruthlessly

A high amount of nicotine at Ruthless E-Juice is only 12mg, from which point a drop to 0 looks realistic if that is the goal you have been eyeing. The eventual end of nicotine addiction is, for many consumers, a final step to really giving up an old and dirty habit. Ruthless E-Juice sells in 15ml amber glass bottles with a dripper built into each cap. Pay $15 each, making this on par with the costliest vapor juices. Ruthless is made in the USA by a California company.

These products are sold at more than 400 locations, testimony to how amazing the juice is. Even at $15 a bottle, it still sells. Reviews (of which there are plenty) even come from the United Kingdom.