Rocky Mountain Vapor

Rocky Mountain Vapor specializes in e-cigarette liquid. The vendor uses premium flavors to blend their own unique flavors right here in the United States. All e-liquids come with a guarantee and a seal that is evidence for their authenticity.

I have yet to try Rocky Mountain Vapor – but I am very loyal to VaporZone and their e-liquids, also made in the USA.  Hopefully I’ll get to try Rocky Mountain soon and be able to compare them to my favorites.

Rocky Mountain Vapor flavors are aimed at advanced ecig users that want more from their ecig. This is why the vapor vendor gives you an opportunity to add up to 26mg of nicotine in your flavor.

Other vendors out there max this quantity out at 16 or 18mg. Also, Rocky Mountain Vapor is one of the only vapor vendors out there that bottle 50ml of eliquid in their bottles. Most of their eliquid that comes in a 50ml bottle is priced accordingly, with their lowest starter at $20.

With the holiday season, Rocky Mountain Vapor has put up a discount on all their products. You will find great deals on special products if you visit their website right now. Other than that, the vendor also lists down discounts from time to time for their loyal customers.

So if you like getting great deals; be sure to follow them closely as they put up deals quite often. Rocky Mountain Vapor flavors are 70% PG and 30% VG which is great for throat hit and dense vapor.