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At Rawr Vapor, you get the impression Vapor Mike genuinely wants to serve you. He comes across as a genuine vendor whose first priority is customer service, and that is the best thing anyone can say about an e-cig retailer (or any retailer). What other things can you learn from a Rawr Vapor Review?

RoarVapor.comRawr E-Liquid

Mike’s business began with e-liquid and his quest for something better than what he could find at the time (just a few years ago). Since then he has developed flavors such as Heaven Sent, a simple menthol option rated 2% for menthol strength.

You can always add more mint from a bottle of Angel Tears (usually sold for $1.50, but only $1 with Heaven Sent). This is pure menthol. Angel Tears and Heaven Sent are your only menthol selections. To use Angel Tears without overdoing it, refer to the chart in Rawr’s FAQ section which shows how many drops to add per/ml.

Otherwise, you could try Green Tea by itself, with peach, or with pear. Pomegranate tea is another relaxing liquid. Cig Roar provides a cigar-like flavor while Nutty Tobacco is for nut lovers.

The J55 is a 555 with nuts (you could be sensing a theme). There are plenty of other options.

At Rawr, 11mls cost $6.50. Select a ratio of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin, choose whether or not to add menthol, and opt for one of 5 nicotine levels. With a bottle of Angel Tears, any e-liquid could be a menthol vape.

Other Categories at Rawr Vapors

The home page at Rawr Vapor displays featured items. During my visit, the Aspire Nautilus Tank was among them for $30. An Ego Basics Kit featured for $18, packaged with a single 900mAh battery, A USB lead with pass-through capability, a CE4, and 10mls of juice.

Another version of this is also featured: the Advanced Starter for $35. The 1100mAh battery gives you more power for longer and comes as a winder or a twist battery. The charger cable, a Kanger Evod tank, and 10mls of juice are packaged with this kit.

Both of these starter kits are sold at an excellent price if you are trying out vape pens for the first time. More experienced vapers tend to select each individual piece, according to the models they like best for resistance, materials (glass, plastic, metal, etc), their battery power preferences, and more.

It is cheaper to buy a kit at the beginning because the typical battery is usually $10 or more, not to mention the price of a tank, charging cable, juice and so on. Rawr’s starters provide at least double value.

Bauway atomizers, bridgeless and/or unsealed are sold here for $6 to use with 306, 510, and 901 threads. The Vision Eternity RBA costs $23. Among drip tips, Mike carries colored and Aluminum Anodized vases for 510/901 units, $6 and $7 respectively. Cartomizers include SmokTech products (lots of them) like the CE4 sold at $4.50. Prices are good.

Selecting Advanced Electronic Cigarettes

Rawr carries some brand-name mods which are affordable and tend not to be affected as badly by stock issues as boutique mechanical mods are. Examples on sale here are the iHybrid Pure for $99, The Natural ($46), a $60 Magneto by SmokTech, and the VV Gripper ($49.50). Overall, I found stock to be high with very few indications that a product was on order waiting to arrive.

Customer Reviews for Rawr

All reviews about Rawr and Vapor Mike are based on internet experiences as there is no shop. He can be reached by phone, but prefers the internet including an email contact form, Facebook, and other online methods.

It is advantageous to find a brand of e-juice that has been widely reviewed by respected names. This means you can get the low-down on lots of flavors from multiple sources and feel as though impressions balance out. There is plenty of positive chatter about Rawr juices.

You have to wait a little while for your products to be shipped if you order juice. Mike mixes bottles fresh each time, which also means you should give these blends time to steep. They have not been sitting around, pre-mixed, steeping for instant use out of the package.

Visiting the Front Page

Rawr’s website is professional-looking and easy to read. Pictures pose no color contrast issues so you see what you are buying. The lay-out of product categories and topics is user friendly, even if you are what people in the industry refer in the most affectionate way as a Noob.

Vapor Mike provides links to CASAA and Vape TV. Gain some familiarity with the industry and products by watching a few episodes. Learn about technique, products to choose, what to avoid, and who to buy your goods from (including Rawr).

Mike’s FAQ section makes for an enjoyable read. Remember the nuts I mentioned earlier? They suit his nutty and enjoyable sense of humor.