Pure Smoke

With its sparse online presence, one might wonder if Pure Smoke is just getting started or undergoing some kind of reinvention. It might have to if the business is to succeed. I have yet to read an outright positive review from any customer. In fact, write ups (those not listed on their site) suggest a note of regret from consumers who buy without receiving advice ahead of time. A Pure Smoke review is not going to impress you.


One of the biggest complaints is price. Pundits are eager to point out that there are better e cig products available for much less. At least, this is what they were saying a little while ago. They also talked about leaking cartridges and batteries running out in a hurry.

Pure Smoke Website

On their homepage it is clear that if prices were a problem before, they are not a problem today. Paying $8.49 for a disposable hookah or e cigarette is not too bad, though not exceptionally cheap either.

$20.99 to buy a starter kit is perfectly reasonable; on par with the best deals out there. This kit comes with a single battery, 2 cartridges, and a USB. You should get up to 400 puffs per cartridge, but this is variable.

Even if you discover you get way fewer than 400, this is not unusual. Many brands overstate the case. Enlarge your kit with extra batteries and adaptors sold separately and reasonably priced.


The starter kit comes in 18mg strength and lots of possible flavors. Cartridge refills are only available in one other strength, 11mg. This is not going to work. Many customers are using vape pens to wean themselves away from cigarettes and nicotine. They rely on e cigs to provide a slow reduction from their highest nicotine hit down to zero. If their highest was extra-strong, Pure Smoke fails to deliver. If they are aiming for zero, they will have to switch quickly or remain in a rut for a while.

A good thing about cartridge refills is that they cost $13.49 for 5, which is very good. Flavors are a lot of fun with mango, cappuccino, and watermelon besides menthol and tobacco.