Pure Cigs

Pure Cigs aims to offer high quality e-cigs to beginners and advanced vapers including their own products and top brands of APVs. These include products from Joyetech, Innokin, Smoktech, and iTaste.

A Pure Cigs Review

What about Pure Cigs themselves? Are they good enough to share a web page with the heavy hitters? There are too few reviews around except those found on their web page and a few others to form a solid opinion. The brand appears to be little known as yet, at least by comparison with V2, Halo, etc. Maybe it is just that their customers do not take time to visit forums and review pages.

Reviews on the Pure Cigs site are, of course, positive. What you will find about the website, however, is too little information is given, especially when it comes to starter kits. Perhaps consumers are expected to know what is generally in a starter kit of a particular value, but descriptions would be helpful. Sometimes the picture shows almost nothing. There are videos for a few of the products to help consumers figure out what is in a package and how to use hardware.

Unlike most companies, Pure Cigs carries two types of express kits. One of them suits new e-cig users, resembling a real cigarette. The other is for eGo users. Both of them cost $19.99: a good price potentially, though it is not clear what comes with the beginners’ set. Probably a USB charger and two cartridges plus a single battery, but customers should not have to hunt for information.

As if the money back guarantee and lifetime warranty were not enough, e-cig firms decided to add rewards as an incentive for loyalty. Pure Cigs offers all of these things plus another feature you probably have not seen: a 110% price match guarantee. They also carry a handy adaptor for switching from one brand to another.