Premium Vapes

A Premium Vapes review should focus on hardware. After all, how much vapor your e-cig produces and how long the batteries last are more important than appearance. How can one overlook the beauty of these products, though? It is distracting in the extreme.

Premium Vapes Batteries

Premium Vapes batteries contain a chip to prevent overcharging, which is a great safety feature. The end glows unless you choose a non-glowing tip for vaping in dark places without standing out.

Battery colors are a fun flurry of popsicle-style hues, marbled shades, and camouflage. Of course you can also opt for simple white or black, but why not gold instead?

Premiun Vapes Starter KitStarter Kits

It is really frustrating when a company carries too few starter kits. According to one reviewer there are several, but the Premium Vapes website shows just two. They jump from one extreme to the other in terms of price: $19.95 to $79.95.

The cheap kit is like any Express Kit on the market. You get a USB charger, two cartridges in tobacco or menthol, and a single white battery. This is a good price for a starter set.

When you add $60 for a Queen kit, you expect a lot of additional items, but prepare to be disappointed. Your $60 only buys a second battery, a better charger, and three more cartridges. Aside from that, your flavor choices and strength options increase, but really – $79.95?

You can do much better than that no matter how pretty the cigs are or how much you like their e-liquid. One might expect to at least get a power-cig or beautiful carry case for this price.

Premium Vapes E-Liquids

Premium Vapes shines in the e-liquid department. Their line includes the basics such as chocolate and coffee, but there is much more. Red Energy, caramel, and Irish Cream are three exciting alternatives.

Carry Cases

Reviewers love Premium Vapes carry cases because they are unique. You could, without embarrassment, give one of these to a friend or professional colleague as a gift. Choices include animal prints, vibrant shades of lilac or blue, and a leaf-pattern case to name a small number of them.