Platinum Puffs

Platinum Puffs, a company from Atlanta, Georgia, sells only one type of e-cig. It is the Hookah pen or eGo cig: longer than a cigalike but not as bulky as an APV. Platinum Puffs does not have much in online catalogue right now, but the company is brand new. This Platinum Puffs review provides an overview of their products.

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platinumepuffs.comRechargeable Hookah Pens

There are just three varieties of pens on offer: black, pink, or polished. Each one comes with a 1100mAh battery providing around 1,200 puffs. There are no lower-power models and no need for them either. New technology permits e-cig users to get lots of power from a relatively small battery, light.

A complete electronic cigarette (battery, tank, atomizer, and mouthpiece) costs $29.99. Platinum Puffs does not appear to make starter kits or variable voltage products with LED screens.

Tasty Disposable E-Hookahs

A complete e-cig does not come with a small bottle of e-liquid to try. A good way to figure out if you like the liquids from Platinum Puffs is to buy a disposable before purchasing their $30 hookah pen.

A disposable looks and operates the same but gives you only 800 puffs for $9.99. There are 8 flavors: Paradise Punch, Strawberry, Watermelon, Berry Brain Freeze, Apple Bomb, Mint Chocolate, and Grand Daddy Purp (grape).

Each one is tipped with a diamond LED and comes in zero or 12mg of nicotine. That’s way more choice than you usually get for a disposable e-pen, and lots of extra power for a price tag of $9.99. Even the choice of two nicotine levels will come as revelation to individuals who thought disposables only came with high or extra-high nicotine.


Platinum Puffs has worked with Hangsen to create flavors, such as the 8 above plus, enough to bring their tally to 20 choices. Some of the others are Cinnamon Roll, Cherrybacco, Raging Bull, and Vanilla Mint. $7.99 buys 10mls in 0, 12, or 24mg of nicotine. That’s not a great range. It is typical for a firm to provide at least one more option in between, sometimes two.

On the Band Wagon

Almost every e-cig company or brand wants people to sign up as affiliates or distributors. Platinum Puffs is no exception. It might take some time to determine if their product provides good vapor and battery life, and you have to try their flavors too.

Once you have been won over, both affiliate marketing and distribution are open. While you don’t want to be left behind while forward-thinking consumers pick up customers and profit before you get there, it’s also important not to dash in when there is too little information.

Overall Impressions

There isn’t much to say yet: the site is new and pieces have yet to be added, like accessories. Many companies claim you can only use proprietary USB chargers and batteries with their products. This is not really true: you just have to look at threading and voltage to be safe. For now, though, if you buy a Platinum Puffs product, you are going to have to search for accessories off-site.

When the accessories arrive, perhaps Platinum Puffs will also build starter kits which reduce the price of a package overall. Purchasing parts one or two at a time gets expensive. At least, their shipping is free within the United States when you spend $15 or more.