Perfect Cloudz Review

E liquid retailers must spend time getting to know the makers of e liquid and learning about their products before they decide to sell a brand, mustn’t they? Or they could hear a lot from customers at local shops where new vapes are sold experimentally but which haven’t made an impression online yet.

I wonder if we have too much faith that a small vape company has to be doing things right and safely just because their brand tastes so good. I say this because finding anything online about Perfect Cloudz is so hard.


Perfect Cloudz e liquid is featured on a website with a painfully dark background that made reading it very difficult. They do not sell juice but only present it and offer a way to get in touch. Perfect Cloudz sells 7 flavors so far, all of them in plastic bottles and costing about $12 for 15mls. Nicotine values are zero, 6, 12, and 18mg.

Flavors by Perfect Cloudz

Banana Cream will remind you of runts: those hard, sweet, tiny candies shaped like fruits. If Banana Cream can replicate the tang of this banana candy, it will be on the money.

A style seen a few times recently from other vape juice mixers, pineapple upside down cake, is called simply Upside Down at Perfect Cloudz.

Take kiwi, add menthol, and you get Tango. Spa Day is one of the most whimsically named e liquids recently. Notice cucumber, mint, and melon in the layers. It might encourage you to get a facial or a massage. Massive Melonz does away with the cucumber and mint, adding more melon at the same time.

When you were a kid your mother probably packed you a sandwich for lunch at school. It might have been peanut butter and jelly because the kids in your class didn’t have peanut allergies back then. This is fondly known as a Sack Lunch.

Water Berries combine watermelon and berries. Buy Perfect Cloudz at Juice Box Liquids and other websites.

Flavors Overall

There isn’t a single tobacco flavor on this menu, which is not surprising. Most of the juice lines coming out of California or anywhere have virtually dumped tobacco, throwing out the baby with the bathwater if you will.

It wasn’t the tobacco itself that tasted and smelled bad when you lit up: it was the chemicals and the smoke. Tobacco in a vaping solution often pleases even a skeptical palate.

What reviewers see more and more is a movement towards sweet vapes which rightly concerns parents and health watchdogs. These flavors encourage non-smoking adults and teenagers to try vaping when they never smoked before.

Yet, if you want to really quit, sometimes a completely new style of juice helps you get over the craving and remind yourself that you never want to lose your ability to taste again.