Ovale has changed the shape of e cigarettes, literally, with their Elips: an elliptical eGo. The name Ovale is truly appropriate. Buying an Elips-C starter kit is one way to get acquainted with the brand. They also carry a mod called a Cylo and a few other eGo style e cigs.

An Ovale Review

The Elips-C comes with 5 atomizer heads, two atomizer locks, two 350mAh batteries, two mouthpieces, and five tank cartomizers. It also comes with a USB charging cable and wall adaptor. Purchasers receive three mouthpiece covers (for cleanliness) and o-ring replacements in their package. The kit costs $89.99. Ovale provides a 5ml sample of e liquid, which is pretty good since most eGo kits do not come with liquid of any kind.

A cheaper option with more power is the e-Com for $69.90. You get two mouthpieces, an atomizer body, two C2 heads, a battery (650mAh), three mouthpiece covers, USB and wall chargers, and 5mls of liquid. This is for vapers who vape more often during the day. A single battery should last until the overnight re-charge.

The e-Com kit also comes with a special tool designed to help you get the atomizer out and also to adjust airflow. I don’t know how consumers usually go about changing an atomizer, but this seems like a mighty handy tool to have around, whether for the e-Com or any other atomizer, except it was designed specifically for this model.

Website Presentation

Although those are decent prices, good looking products, and 5ml bottles of liquid are a great addition, beware of pronouncements about how revolutionary their changeable atomizer heads are. This feature and the double wall structure of their Cylo tanks are not new or revolutionary. You will find those on other atomizers. The same is true of the Cylo’s 510 threading, which makes it compatible with lots of models. That’s true of many brands.

How the Unit Looks

What I really like about the Elips-C is its shape: this is a snazzy looking vaping pen. I also appreciate that the manual batteries with the Elips-C feature protection against short-circuit and over or under-charging. There is even a pass-through charge function. The Ovale brand appears quite new, but their products are starting to appear on e cigarette e-tailer sites and at physical stores.

Shopping Locations

Consumers can buy products from Ovale online, which is often the preferred and most convenient way to shop. They can also visit dealers in several parts of the country. They are located in Oklahoma, Florida, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, and Quebec, Canada.