Nutri Cigs

If you like Vaporfi, South Beach Smoke, and Eversmoke e cigs, then you are likely to appreciate Nutri Cigs. They are all products of the same company: IVG, or International Vapor Group. This company is the brain child of an entrepreneur who has worked in several industries and seems to always know what products are trendy at the right time. Either that or he makes them trendy, thanks to his business skills. Is Nutri Cig destined to become another winner?

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Connecting the idea of nutrition with vaping is not the same as saying e cigs are healthier than cigarettes. This is a different sort of leap; less plausible and harder to sell.

Yet, IVG has high hopes for this notion with Nutri Cigs. This is a small line of cigalikes: devices resembling cigarettes. Although they look a lot like Eversmoke, South Beach Smoke, and Vaporfi Express e cigarettes, Nutri Cigs are very different in two particular ways.

Two Essential Differences

Those other three companies sell rechargeable e cig kits. Nutri Cigs is a disposable e cig. They do not carry rechargeable kits or refill cartridges for use with IVG products.

The other major difference is that Nutri Cigs contain health supplements. Other e cigs carry flavors that simply taste good. Nutri Cigs are designed to act as sleep aids, energy boosters, or appetite suppressants. In other words, Nutri Cigs are sort of like vitamins (only not).

Nutricigs sleep aidSleep Aids

For instance, the sleep aid version comes in tobacco, menthol, or chocolate flavor and 1.8% nicotine (there are no nicotine variations). It contains melatonin, tryptophan, tyrosine, and GABA (things one’s body produces naturally, but not always in high enough doses).

If you are not sleeping well, these are supplements you might consider taking, might have even taken before, but by using a vapor cigarette you inhale rather than ingest them.

Nutricigs energy boosterEnergy Boosters

As an energy booster this one is flavorful with cherry, tobacco, or menthol options. It contains essential B vitamins and caffeine, taurine, and glucoronolactone.

The last ingredient is another product one’s body should produce. Adding more to the diet is thought to encourage detoxification and energy which is why it is found in energy drinks. Studies suggest it does no harm, at least.

nutricigs appetite suppressantSlim Down

You could lose weight with Nutri Cigs if you used their Slimming product. It contains hoodia and peppermint, but flavors are chocolate, tobacco, and menthol.

Hoodia is well known as a natural supplement used by nomadic people to reduce their appetite when they hunt and go hungry for many hours.

Consumers have been popping hoodia pills in an effort to ward off hunger and lose weight for over a decade. Another product associated with low appetite, strangely enough, is nicotine. You might think that was enough to promote weight loss.

Not in Stores

Nutri Cigs can only be purchased directly from the company, online, so you can’t buy one at a time. They are sold in bundles of 4, 8, or 12 for $47.99, $87.99, or $119.88. At that rate, the least you pay per vaping pen is $9.99. The most you pay is about $12 each.

Some Thoughts on Nutri Cigs

First of all, can the American public make the giant leap from using e cigs as a healthier alternative to smoking to using e cigs as health supplements? The idea seems ludicrous at this stage since the public is not convinced that e cigs are entirely safe.

Yet Americans are strangely prone to try anything that is supposedly a natural remedy for whatever ails them, even if they have not seen scientific evidence to prove a product’s worth. This is particularly true of diet pills and weight loss products. E cigs are already enticing to young people who would have held off hunger pangs by smoking cigarettes if it were not for e cigs, and that is not necessarily a good thing with the predominance of eating disorders out there among young women (and more men than most people realize).

Vapor is thought to enable these supplements to pass into one’s system with greater ease than swallowing pills too. That’s bound to carry some weight with a desperate sector of the public that has tried everything else to boost their energy, get to sleep at night, or lose weight.

Yet there is that problem with the nicotine. This is an addictive substance which can interfere with sleep in particular. It is a stimulant that affects the heart. If IVG removed nicotine from Nutri Cigs that would make more sense and add credence to their claims of promoting better health with e cigs.

Then there is the question of why Nutri Cigs’ formulae are not available for sale as e liquids or cartomizers to be used with other IVG mini cig products. It seems stingy and hypocritical to promote good health on the one hand and wastefulness on the other.

Will the Idea Fly?

Is this product going to revolutionize the way people think of e cigs? Will they flock to a health-cig? IVG doesn’t have to panic if consumers are not ready for the idea. They’ve got three other successful companies to fall back on.