The whole idea behind electronic cigarettes is that people can enjoy smoking without subjecting their lungs and the air to damage. As an alternative to quit-smoking programs, there is probably nothing more effective, and NJOY products are among the top-sellers in the U.S. Read this NJOY review and maybe you will decide to switch from analogs to vaping pens from NJOY.


This is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive product on the market. There are few products on their website; just simple items for beginners. An Express Kit, for instance, contains one of everything: cartridge, battery, and USB charger. Most kits also contain a second cartridge, but for $21.99 this is reasonable. Accessories are sold on their page as well.

Disposables also make it easy to try before you buy. Pick up a three-pack in its fun, triangular box. The pack will cost you $26.97 ($8.99 each).


You are probably not going to find an e-cig in the United States which provides as much nicotine for its customers in each cartridge. There are only two options: 3% and 4.5%. If you were looking for a way to give up nicotine, NJOY is not your best first stop. If anything, you could be inhaling more than you did before.


Yet, in many ways this is the ideal first stop for new vapers. NJOY e-cigs are designed to look like their counterparts. Packaging resembles a cross between cigarette packets and flip-top lighters. Even the logo hearkens back to a sophisticated style of cigarette with a crest and traditional gold/white/red markings. NJOY provides just two flavors: tobacco and menthol.

Good Enough?

Is this good enough for the newbie e-cig user? Perhaps it is perfect. Some companies provide way too much choice. A confusing selection is too much for someone who just made the painful decision to quit smoking and is probably tense, to say the least. Keep his choices simple and no one gets hurt.