The first and most important thing this Nicquid review must make clear is that Nicquid vapor juice is made in the United States — a lab in Ohio to be specific. This is an important detail that matters to a lot of e cigarette consumers.

National Feeling

There is a growing sense of pride in buying and using products made within America and rejecting Chinese products, not because they are Chinese but because Americans want to support national companies. That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with Dekang and Hangsen, but Nicquid has embraced a national trend. A trend like this can only help the American economy.

Pricing is Right

In spite of their home-based brews, Nicquid still keeps prices affordable. You can buy a 5ml bottle for $4.89 or buy more bottles at the same time and pay less per bottle. This is hand-crafted American liquid left to steep for a while, yet loads of it is out there. Unlike boutique brands (Five Pawns, Caterpillar, etc.), bottles do not sell out too quickly for you to discover and purchase them.

Makers of Nicquid recommend that an unopened bottle can last for up to a year without starting to go stale. The two conditions are that you do not break the seal and keep them at room temperature, out of the sun.

Loads of Flavor

Select a type of juice from one of 4 varieties: Blast (fruit), Bliss (dessert), Blend (tobacco), or Burst (menthol). Daybreak is a nutty, creamy, vanilla tobacco. Biscotti juice reminds you of a semi-sweet treat with almonds. Cherry on Top is reminiscent of cherries and sweet cream. Surprising menthols include the tropical Bahama Blizzard and Sinapse: apple and cinnamon. I also saw blueberry, grape, apple, Pomegranate and strawberry, and peach.

Under each product description is a Nicquip; some amusing prose worth reading for its literary quality. If you are undecided, buy a sample pack of juices and stop stressing.

Nicquid E Liquid comes in percentages of nicotine up to 2.4% but is also available in nicotine-free suspensions. Their juice is a mixture of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

Spinner E Cig

Nicquid also sells the Spinner cig, which uses a clearomizer. The kit costs $39.95 or a clearomizer on its own is $9.95. It’s an eGo VV product, so compatible elsewhere. The kit features a battery, clearomizer, and USB charger. Five replacement heads for the DC clearomizer cost $19.95.

Website Information

I wanted to learn more about Nicquid apart from the fact that their juice is made in Ohio. The site was not especially helpful on that score. I do know from experience that the liquid is carried by many e-tailers, so it is not hard to find. The company runs a loyalty program that rewards customers, and which they can use eventually to purchase Nicquid products.