At an e-liquid shop in Omaha, Nebraska, they handle sales differently from anywhere else: by a publicly visible ticket system. Do you wonder when your juice will get to you and where you stand in the queue? With Nicoticket, you will never be left wondering.

Orders are taken care of chronologically and the system is updated online so you are always sure which number is next. Check your ticket to see if the juice you purchased is heading out the door that day, the next day, or in a couple of days.

You can even see what kind of backlog they are experiencing before placing an order in case you feel that waiting around is not for you. There are many businesses that can arrange fast shipping; just none that lay their situation on the line for customers to see.

Nicoticket.comWho are “They?”

The people behind Nicoticket are Kent Brooks and Katy. Kent was a teacher, sales person, and mental health professional who also vapes. His previous work experience is eclectic and helps him to understand people: what makes them tick and how to provide them with the ultimate in customer service. Katy is in charge of Human Resources.

They are in charge of the system which has led to them being named Best of ECF Vendor in 2013. They are passionate about vaping and about encouraging the vaping community.

The Nicoticket site offers ex-smokers a banner they can download to tally how many cigs they have avoided smoking and how much money they saved by giving up analogs and choosing to vape instead. The numbers automatically click up and up until one day you realize you have saved $1,000 and avoided smoking hundreds of cigarettes.

E-Liquids: A Nicoticket Review

The e-liquid at Nicoticket is inexpensive, starting at $7.99 for 15mls. Products are made from USP-grade, kosher propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, 99.7% pure nicotine, and only USA-sourced and processed ingredients. All of it is free from diacetyl, a common butter flavoring. These are extremely important details.

Consumers are becoming fussier now that they realize what could potentially be in their e-liquid. As the vaping industry has evolved, it has become clear that some mixologists do not understand the dangers of certain colorants, the risks of particular sources of ingredients, and the potential for allergic reactions in their clients. Professionals must understand that their consumers do not plan to replace one high-risk habit with another habit which, though the risks are not fully documented, could still pose a health risk if approached flippantly.

Besides, the FDA is getting involved. Nicoticket is ahead of many other industry professionals. By laying out the details for their customers, they also prepare themselves to answer to government regulators.

E-Liquid Flavors

Choices like Queen of Hearts Watermelon will lead to a page describing the date it was made, when it was released, and how much is left. In this case there was only one nicotine option still remaining. Usually, this would be near-zero to 18mg (tobacco contains some nicotine). This one is ready to use; no steeping is required. Some flavors lead you to details of this kind; some do not.

Other flavors include Grandma’s Cinnamon Danish, Butterscotch Pudding, and The Virus H1N1. Butterscotch Pudding is described as a 50/50 blend which needs to steep before dripping it into your tank or clearomizer. It’s also very sweet according to the Nicoticket mixologist, in case you wondered if it could be an all-day-vape.

The Virus H1N1, though it sounds bacterial, is Kent and Katy’s favorite, and that goes for a lot of clients too. The Virus contains 65% propylene glycol, 33% vegetable glycerin, and is a RY4 style. They hesitate to add this point, wishing to remove themselves from other RY4 vapes, which are sub-par in their opinion.

Steeping changes this vape’s dimensions so that particular flavors become bolder with time. These include chocolate, coffee, peanuts, honey, caramel, maple syrup, tobacco, and cinnamon. Some of these are naturally occurring and derive from the tobacco.

At the moment there are only 18 flavors listed online. Whether this represents their entire menu of juices is unclear from what the owners list here. Maybe some flavors are currently brewing and yet to be released. Perhaps the menu changes seasonally.

Lead Time Guidance

A special heading called Lead Time Guidance shows clients the details of Nicoticket’s order processing system. This is where you see how many orders are left to ship that day. When I visited, there was a back log of 48 orders which the company anticipated having shipped to customers by the following day.

Even with such a long list, they also expected to be shipping orders placed that day within 24 hours or even being able to manage same-day shipping for some items ordered the following day. This being mid-week, the details would look different for weekend orders.

Wholesale Ordering

This is a wholesale company as well as an online shop, so distributors are welcome to get in touch to find out about bulk pricing. Clients order e-liquid in bottle sizes from 15ml for personal use or re-distribution to 500ml for re-bottling or making their own flavors from Nicoticket base juices. Find out what would happen if you gave your Ape Juice the flu.

Making Enquiries

To get in touch, there is an Omaha phone number and an email address. A lot of information is posted right on the site though, so keep reading and you are likely to find the answer to your question. Nicoticket makes a big point of being totally transparent to their customers: painting an accurate picture of how they do business. Their blog could be even more revealing.