Next Level Vapors

Next Level Vapors wants to take vapers to another stage in their vaping experience with high-quality juice. Often, new vapers start with poor-quality e-liquid that was made in a lab without much attention to detail or depth. A whole new world of vaping opens up when they experiment with gourmet, hand-crafted juices. Even when a flavor isn’t your thing, it’s hard to deny the quality of such liquids.

Next Level Vapors Review

An anise-flavored e-liquid called Grenada is one of those love-or-hate items: if you don’t care for black licorice, give this one a miss. Anise is combined with tropical fruit, but Grenada Lite comes back without anise for a purely tropical experience. Purple People Eater also contains anise, so you get the feeling they like this particular flavor at Next Level Vapors.

The Jolly Roger Series contains two custard juices, the first being a style of vanilla custard plus mystery ingredients. That’s the Captain’s Custard, while Punkin Custard tastes like pumpkin spice built into the original base.

Copperhead Road e-liquids start with peanut butter and banana: a juice called Double Barrel. Inhale the taste of caramel and marshmallow with a liquid known as Buckshot.

Vape Like a Boss Sauce comes in three styles: Big Cheese is blueberry cheesecake; Head Honcho tastes like Apple Pie a la Mode; and the Prez likes white chocolate and strawberries best. These are 50/50 blends in 6, 12, or 18mg of nicotine. Some vapes appear to have been colored so you might feel like contacting Next Level Vapors for information.

Social Media

The Facebook Page for Next Level Vapors is a fun place to visit. A lot is happening, and it involves all kinds of people; even families. There are images of a young person with Spinabifida. The company ran a fundraiser which resulted in over $1,000 being raised for special equipment the child will need. Next Level Vapors is throwing in the difference: classy.

Another picture shows a brand new baby: one of those many tiny people who are a big reason why smokers switch to vaping. Next Level Vapors opened in March of 2013.