Natural Vapes

The plan at Natural Vapes on Santa Monica Blvd in Los Angeles, California, is to provide only natural, organic nicotine juices to their customers. The shop is a classy place with a proper vape bar resembling a cocktail bar, with attractive lighting and beautiful modern stools.

These juices are made with only vegetable glycerin which is 100% kosher and USP-grade, vegan, gluten-free, and also free of chemicals, etc. Anything artificial you might find elsewhere has been left out, such as diacetyl and coloring agents.

NaturalVapes.comA Question

Isn’t e-liquid usually gluten-free and vegan? Perhaps that is something to look into. The only exception to this rule at Natural Vapes is with their tobacco vapes. Some of these contain propylene glycol.

Flavors by Natural Vapes

Flavors in this Natural Vapes review include Kona Delight, Blue Ice, Buttered Rum, and Strawberry Waffle. For the most part they are self-explanatory, and they will have to be: the website provides a menu; listings only.

Sales are handled at the shop, including sales of hardware. So if you don’t know what Blue Ice or Kona Delight is (I imagine Kona is a coffee e-liquid), you will have to go along and try some.

Some of their tobacco flavors are menthol, apple, cigar, Kong Vape (presumably banana-laced), and PV4. Select Irish Cream, Key Lime and Green Apple, or 7-Up. Participate in Vaping Games to win free e-liquid. Recently, the game was “ring toss.” Come back regularly to find out what’s next.

Electronic Cigarette Hardware

As for hardware at Natural Vapes, customers will find starter kits, ego batteries, clearomizers, cartomizers, and the rest. Natural Vapes is a general carrier selling most things related to vaping, or at least the essentials. Their website lists sale items too. Natural Vapes carries e-cig brands such as Kanger, Joye, Aspire, and other reliable Chinese makes.

Natural Vapes vs. the Competition

What does Natural Vapes have to offer in contrast to the many other vape shops in West Los Angeles? The biggest thing is that their products are natural and organic. Though not unheard of, it’s also not common and certainly not among the other California vape juice brands.