Namber Juice

Add a bit of romance into your day and read about how Nick and Amber, owners of Namber Juice, first met. Vaping first brought them together. Lonely vapers take note: you could meet someone who loves the same e liquid or mechanical mod you do, strike up a friendship, and get married; even open a business together. That is what happened to two well loved members of the vaping society.

NamberJuiceNamber Juice Review: Who are Nick and Amber?

Nick is otherwise known as Grimm Green while Amber is The Vape Babe. Their names ring a bell, right? Together they decided that current juices were not enough. They loved some of them, but wanted to do better. So they started Namber.

Their Gourmet E Liquid includes Grimm Tobacco (rich and little sweet), Doughnut Pounder, and Carrie’s Pecan Pie. Anything named after someone is part of their Namesakes line. Carrie is Amber’s mother. Her juice has impressed with its vapor production. The flavor is good, though possibly not great. Other varieties, like Vanilla Peppermint, are there because customers like them.

A community poll on their website asks what your favorite juice is. This way the pair knows what to develop. Generally, this is very good e liquid.

Organized and Supported

Namber belongs to a recently-formed society called CASAA. This stands for Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternative Association. Members of CASAA are trying to protect the right of Americans to vape, especially since it is considered the top way to quit smoking.

That’s not the only cause influential in Namber’s success. The pair’s own popularity is making an impact. The writers who are revving up to buy Namber Juice frequently say they want to support Grimm and the Vape Babe. The two of them have posted so much helpful, educational material on the web and been part of the community for a long time: people want them to succeed. Perhaps popularity will win them a faithful clientele.

On the opposite side, many forum writers plan to pass up on their e liquids because, at $10 for 15mls plus shipping, they consider it overly expensive. Some look at Namber Juice as a once-in-a-while treat. This approach could get some customers hooked.