Namaste Vapes

Namaste is the name of an online vaporizer store operating internationally. They sell vaporizers of all kinds. Here you will find desktop vaporizers and portable vaporizers; the top models by the best brands. Read more in this Namaste Vapes Review.

NamasteVapes.comMajor Brands, Major Value

You can pick up some bargains on the internet and at your neighbor’s garage sale, but they are not bargains when you come to think about it closely. There is no warranty, no after-sales service, and frequently the device in your hand short-circuits before you get any vapor out of it. Pick brands that have been tried by experts and consumers over time. These are not cheap, but neither is treatment for minor burns.

Brands to be aware of, and which are sold at Namaste, include Iolite, Magic Flight, 7th Floor, Puffit, Sonic, Vapir Rise, and Arizer. These are all classy companies selling classy, unique items for consumers in North America and around the world. Iolite is made by an Irish company. Arizer comes from Canada. Magic Flight is based in the United States.

Worthy Models

Pinnacle Pro is a compact black handheld device in its original state, but if you add the water feature it becomes a big device. The Pinnacle Pro DLX, as this is known, costs $255 at Namaste. Using a water tool creates smoother vapor, but the Pinnacle Pro is also well-liked without the water tool.

An Arizer Solo is the same price. With no cords attached but a rechargeable battery, you can go anywhere with your Solo. It’s black with lights along the front firing up as you reach one of several possible temperature settings.

The N02 is another portable device costing $125 this time. All three of these items are currently on sale: these are their discounted prices.

Necessary Accessories

Each item on the extensive Namaste product list comes with accessories and many of these will get used up, worn out, lost, broken, maybe even stolen. You can replace them by checking here. Don’t just look for the item (screen, mouthpiece, etc.); search according to the brand. Namaste makes shopping simple and quick.


Buy your herbal vaporizer and herbs in one shopping trip. On the list, Namaste has Hops Flowers, Lavender, Raspberry Leaf, Sage, Thyme, Green Tea, Eucalyptus, and Chamomile. Namaste recommends a temperature for each one and sells them in 1-oz increments. The price is unclear. In one place I see $12.95; in another, $9.95 appears to be the price. You might want to clear that up before placing an order.


Is this your first time buying a vaporizer? Use the FAQ section to find out what exactly a vaporizer is. Examine the difference between convection and conduction. Learn more about the health benefits of vaping instead of smoking.


Namaste offers free shipping once your order reaches $150. They claim to have the lowest prices and newest models on the market. Customers are treated to the convenience of 24/7 support. If things are going to go wrong, you can be sure business hours are over, but not at customer service.

Namaste Opportunities

This is a good time to be an affiliate with a vaporizer company. It’s an industry gaining momentum, particularly with newer, smaller, stealthier technology coming onto the market. Become a Namaste affiliate and earn money just by doing what you already enjoyed and telling other people about it. You were going to do that anyway.