Mystic Atmos

If you read the title of this Mystic Atmos review and thought it would be about another Atmos vaporizer such as the Atmos RX or Junior, you would be wrong. Maybe the name chosen by this US mod maker was not especially wise given its similarity to the vaporizer company, or perhaps it was a stroke of genius considering how many people will wind up at their Facebook page by mistake and become introduced to an unexpected and beautiful US-made product.

As you can guess, I love this company. Their products are absolutely gorgeous. Do not let the Greek myth-rooted reference fool you either: Mystic Atmos is another American answer to the invasion of Pinoy mods.

Nothing against Foreign Products

I don’t hold anything against talented people in the Philippines and Korea designing and hand-crafting mechanical mods of incredible style and expensive price. Instead, I am in favor of American-made products for Americans benefiting every American involved in the supply chain. Keep US money at home if you can. It’s an all-too rare option in this China-dominated industry.

Mystic Atmos Review

Mystic Atmos makes the Zeus mod, but it is a 22-mm diameter mechanical machine, not the giant you might have been expecting. Choose whichever battery power and size you like best (18350, 18490/500, or 18650) by changing the tube: all three are supplied. Each tube is engraved minutely to form the stern face and features of a curly-haired, bearded Zeus.

Limited Edition

Each device is serialized, so if you can find one (it’s not that easy) it will be one of a limited production series. Few stores carry it and those that do are often sold out. The Zeus is built with a magnetic switch, telescopic top pins to accommodate three tube sizes/batteries, and is packaged in a solid wooden box described as “piano black.” This alone is worth at least $30.

Durable Beauty

The best thing about your Zeus Mod is its nickel rhodium plating over brass. Rhodium, a rare metal prized by investors and industrial companies, prevents corrosion, extending the life and elegant appearance of your device. At $250, you will know you bought quality and are also now aware of at least one reason clones are so much cheaper: they are not coated in rhodium.

Drip Tips

Mystic Atmos drip tips are not easy to find but much more widely available by comparison with their Zeus mechanical mod. They include the Hydra with three interchangeable sleeves of copper, brass, and black chrome. The Luna Crystal Glass Drip Tip for $25 is made with an inner Pyrex tube and a stainless steel or brass sleeve plus three holes for a unique appearance.

Others for about $20 include the Calvary, Smoke Stack, A140, Straight Shooter, and Dripsicle given a brushed or polished finish.

Overall Impressions

Users must be too busy vaping to write to e cig suppliers singing praises for or sharing criticisms about Mystic Atmos products. They appear solid and well made. Could it be there hasn’t been enough time for customers to wax lyrical?

To find out more about how the community regards Mystic Atmos, visit them on Facebook. This supplies lots of beautiful images and you could have the chance to enter a contest. At least use Facebook as a means to chat with the owners.