Mrs Lord & Co.

There is a real woman named Mrs. Lord with a new vape-juice company based in Lancashire. Until recently, she looked after her children and then they grew up. To fill this void she started making e-liquid, giving it away, and selling it to friends of friends, until the time came to form a company. Her juice became so popular that she created a brand name and a label. Here is a Mrs Lord & Co. review. Trust Treats

The list of juices from Mrs Lord contains some titles which, as foods, are served at National Trust tea shops and in sitting rooms all over the country. A Victoria Sandwich, for instance, is really a vanilla sponge cake with raspberry jam in the middle. That’s what the flavor of Lord’s e-liquid mimics.

Custard Creams are cookies with custard in the middle. The vape version tastes of vanilla biscuits and custard with exceptional flavor, vapor, pretty good throat hit, and a lovely aftertaste. The aroma is amazing.

The Navy Cut contains a touch of coconut, some rum, and chocolate blended with tobacco. Some vapers detect gingerbread, treacle, and even raisin. As a result, Navy Cut makes a great Christmas Tobacco.

Pontefract Cakes lack dimension as far as vapers are concerned, but this juice still tastes great for anyone into licorice.

Hot Toddies are not served in tea shops but are popular in private homes on cold days. They blend whiskey, honey, and lemon into a tank cracker with traditional and clean flavors.

Other names include Rough Shag (double-entendre noted), Kendal Mint, Seville Marmalade, Sarsaparilla, Ginger Nut, and Druide.

Bottling the Blend

One of the fun things about these bottles is their labels. They read “Mrs Lord & Co., Purveyors of Nicotine Liquid for the Discerning Client.” They are covered in Victorian script, like something you would find for sale in the Crystal Palace during the National Exhibition. You could imagine women in petticoats with high-necked frocks considering these glass bottles for their husbands.