From Tuesday to Sunday, Movapes in Brooklyn, New York, is bustling, but doesn’t run especially late. This is no night club but a vape shop that also runs an online shopping page if you can’t make it to Brooklyn but like the look of their assorted gear.

This is a good thing because you will not find some items featured here on many other websites. This assortment includes some unusual brands you do not see just anywhere; labels which one might call collectors’ pieces in a sense owing to their rarity value. This includes the rarity of finding them in stock at Movapes.

movapesonline.comA Movapes Review

In a way, any review of a vape shop is also a review of their products. If you like what they carry, this is a mark in their favor. If their selection turns you off, the shop loses points.

I like that Movapes has chosen to run a different course from the mainstream but also offers familiar models to their customers, so there are prices you can’t afford and some you can.

FaaTank-G, IJOY, Doc Dave and the Rest

I had never heard of FaaTank and the other names above until visiting Movapes. It is made by IJOY (not JoyeTech) and is a $22 bottom coil clearomizer with adjustable airflow and a 510 connection.

You must appreciate that a 510 connection makes it compatible with more models than any other thread; so, it’s not your usual model, but you can still use it widely.

The Kanger Aerotank is another clearomizer on the list, sold here for a pricey $25. That is about the most you should pay for a Kanger Aerotank, even with $50+ free domestic shipping.

Try a Hana Modz Pack V.3 costing $250 without batteries. It is available in 4 colors if you can find one. Although the stock has run out for online customers, Movapes might operate on the policy that store stock does not cross over, so they could have one behind the counter or just one left in one color choice.

This aluminum variable voltage e-cig is box-shaped with a 510 connector, small screen, and uses 18650 batteries that are not protected against reversal. Take care. If you put one in the wrong way around you might just wreck your $250 mod.

A Doc Dave Titanium Reactor looks like a reactor, actually. The grooves give it the appearance of something deadly and explosive, but it’s an RBA for $250. Again, this item is out of stock. It has stacked holes and is compatible with dual coils.

The Limited Edition Prism V.1 from Deus Mods is another $200 device, this one ergonomic and hexagonal to prevent rolling. Laser etching shows the logo and serial number of this telescopic e-cig made from food-grade SUS 304 stainless steel.

Movapes has Cadena drip tips by Critical Minds for $22 each or the UD Titanium drip tips for $9.

Mainstream Equipment

Leave the high-priced, sparsely available products behind and take a look at Chinese mass-marketed items from Innokin and Vision. Their UCan for $19 fits Genesis style atomizers and maintains the purity and freshness of your juices.

Several Kits cost around $30 or slightly more, like the Vision Crystal Kit, Innokin 510 Classic, Innokin Noble Cartomizer Set or an 808D also by Innokin. An eGo starter for $35 comes with two 650 batteries, two CE4s, and a charger. It’s a standard package and good value.

A list of RBA makers includes Sigelei, UD, Smok, and Vicious Ant.

Choosing Juice

There is no standardized e-liquid collection that every shop has to carry. Owners stumble upon local or artisan juice they like and choose to sell it, so if you’ve never heard of some of these that might be owing to your location.

Movapes carries Epic, Classified, Nick’s Blissful Brews, The Steam Factory, Must Vape, and others including Dekang. The last of these surprises me, but in another way it’s fitting. Movapes stock is balanced in favor of better-quality items, but they make a concession or two to the lower-budgets of many vapers.

Steam Factory bottles cost $22 (no volume is provided) with flavors like Blue Ballz (banana/blueberry) and Castaway (tropical). For the same price, again without a volume, you can buy Electrum by Alloy Blends in flavors such as Lustor and Crucible. Both of them taste of creamy vanilla, but cappuccino is added to the Crucible.

Q Premium juices for $12 come in flavors that sound like what they are. Try Banana Mamma (banana with tobacco) or mint chocolate cookies.