Mount Baker Vapor

Mt Baker Vapor is a vape store that specializes in e-cig liquid. They’ve done quite well with their line of vapor juice.

The biggest selling point of their e-juice is the price, which is one of the best we’ve seen. Their liquids are quite tasty as well, and I vape on some of their e-juice regularly.

You probably saw that I have them on my e-liquid charts around the site, and it’s because I love some of their flavors, and that they sell it at such a great price.

If you’re on the market for some e-liquid, do yourself a favor and pick up a couple that sound good to you. I thought most of the flavors that I tested were pretty nice quality, and you can’t go wrong with the price, ESPECIALLY if you are switching from tobacco cigarettes, as you’ll save some serious money from the get go!

They also carry a nice simple line up of e-cigs, mostly advanced vape devices, such as the Innokin line, which is real popular, and some other advanced devices, mostly focused on products where DIYers use their juice.

If you are looking up regular electronic cigarettes, that resemble an actual cigarette, you should check out my post on the best electronic cigarettes here.

Otherwise, I highly recommend Mount Baker Vapor flavors, and think you can’t go wrong with their e-juice line :)

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In Depth Review:

A lot of the electronic cigarette and e-liquid retailers reviewed online are located in Florida and California where there appears to be a glut of companies making and/or selling electronic cigarettes and nicotine juice. Mount Baker Vapor is a representative from the Pacific Northwest where vaping is just as popular as it is in the southern states.

Mount Baker Vapor Review

What can you find at Mount Baker Vapor?

Just about all of your vaping essentials unless you prefer high-end mods. Some RBA equipment could be absent as well. They have advanced e-cigs, juice, starter kits, DIY supplies, accessories, and a section devoted to Innokin products. The Innokin Beginner costs $39.99 with two 650mAh pass-through batteries, 5 iClear 16 sc clearomizers, a mini USB, and some Mount Baker Vapor e-juice in your choice of flavor and strength.

Purchase the Innokin iTaste MVP starter kit for $59.99 or an SVD for $99.99. You will also find an Innokin Leo, Pro, VTR starter kit, and iTaste VV 3.0.

Kanger Blister packs cost $19.99, while the Evod starter kit is priced $39.99.

If you want an RBA there is an IGO-W DC Dripper for 14.99. The Kamry Base is $32.99. Smok RSST atomizers are $29.99. The Vamo V5 costs $59.99. Mount Baker Vapor veers towards mainstream products and away from high-end, hard-to-find mechanical mods like Philippine and Greek devices. Yet, they have a selection of APVs and easy e-cigs to supply beginners and experience vapers.

A lot of retailers carry the Russian or parts for the Russian, listed here for $124.99. It has a 510 threading, 4.5ml tank, and rebuildable bottom coil atomizer. The positive pole screws in but is adjustable. “0” rings are supplied plus wick, wire, a blunt-nosed bottle, extra screws, and a screwdriver for rebuilding the atty. This device is made from acrylic and 304 stainless steel.

The DIY section includes parts for rebuildable atomizers as well as liquids for blending juice at home or the lab. There are eyedropper bottles, flavorings such as sour, fruit, and tobacco (15mls for $2.99), unflavored liquids, and sweetener.

Mount Baker Vapor Nicotine Juice

The same headings for flavorings apply to Mount Baker Vapor juices. They are beverage, tobacco, sweet, fruits/spices/nuts, and Mount Baker Vapor signature varieties. A 15ml bottle usually costs $4.99 with some exceptions, like Hawk Sauce which is $5.99 for the same volume. It is a best-seller tasting of sour berries with a little of menthol and fruit.

Fruity Hoops resembles sugary, colorful cereal. Absinthe, Bananas Gone Nuts, and Dulce de Leche should ring a bell in your taste memory. There are loads of flavors so it is best to think about a favorite flavor profile and go searching that way or you could be viewing products all day.

You will be presented with a 0-36mg nicotine range and a choice of vg/pg ratios. 100% vegetable glycerin is not available as it tends to be too thick for most atomizers. Instead, Mount Baker Vapor offers a 70% vegetable glycerin mix featuring 30% distilled water to thin it out and reduce sweetness, though vapor production will be amazing with 70% VG.

If you prefer a lot of throat hit, 100% PG is available or some other ration balanced with some VG. Add a flavor shot if a flavor you have ordered in the past was not powerful enough on its own. Liquid is made in the United States, custom made at the time you order, so it could be a week before you receive it. Reports suggest Mount Baker Vapor ships quickly.

Reading the Site

There is a buying guide on the Mount Baker Vapor website, an essential read for someone who is new to vaping. This long article lists many of the factors you need to consider when you go looking for an electronic vaping device or juice. What is your experience with vaping pens? How comfortable are you setting the voltage on a device? What can you expect from a nicotine percentage compared to your experience with cigarettes?

Another feature of the site is an option to view products according to their price range. A chart comes up with each heading to show the various ranges for each type of product. Some are pretty big (over $100), but the range for DIY e-liquid products and parts is small.

I get the feeling Mount Baker Vapor has grown since I last visited. It has a more business-like feel to it I cannot put my finger on, but the site is no better or worse to use. It was always user friendly with obvious headings and not too much happening on the screen. Readers will learn about upcoming vape meets and events. There’s a blog listing.

Find out how to become an affiliate if the upcoming FDA regulations are not putting you off your vaping stride. Affiliate marketing is an easy way to make money since all you have to do is share positive experiences of Mount Baker Vapor. There’s no shortage of those or of taste-tests shared on the internet. The great thing about YouTube reviews is that even if a reviewer isn’t that pleased about the throat hit, vapor, or flavor of a liquid, he’s promoting Pacific Northwest Mount Baker Vapor Review juices. Even bad advertising gets the name out there. Reviews are mixed with the majority of people appreciative of prices. At one time, Mount Baker Vapor was the cheapest e-liquid supplier per volume and might still be.

Phone or email for support or to find out about careers. A separate site takes potential wholesale customer to pricing and selection for business clients.