MMVapors are kind of like e cigarette royalty from Greece. They take pride of place on display and are so expensive I do not know much about their prices. If you have to ask you can’t afford them or can only afford a clone I guess. MM, by the way, stands for “metal madness.” You won’t see the name much on retail sites in the United States, but Europeans will be familiar with it.

A Poldiac

Poldiac is emblazoned on mods, apparel, and battery holders by MMVapors. This is the name of a hybrid available in two versions. For around $200 or so you can buy this product, which is compatible with 18350, 18500, and 18650 batteries.

The Teman Hybrid

The Teman Hybrid is a genesis style mod. It is adjustable to personal needs, attractive in a polished or satin finish, and works with 14500 and 14650 batteries. With a kit, customers get several pieces of stainless steel mesh plus some juice and Kanthal wire.

The UMA by MMVapors

The UMA features a magnetic button: not new in this industry anymore, but still a reassuring find. It offers great conductivity, a 510 connector, and has adjustable contacts. These are made of Rhodium, silver plating, and brass. You can see why metals are so valuable to investors and manufacturers: they are used in many electronic devices, large and small.

Other Products from MMVapors

This MMVapors review would be incomplete without considering accessories. The company carries model-specific atomizers such as the Mini DID (another of their creations), 510 TMS, Temon, and Poldiac. MMVapors also sells sleeves that are almost as costly as a powerful electronic cigarette. They are stunning, for sure, but not for most people.

Why Buy MMVapors Mods

There are three reasons I can think of to buy mods like the Temon and Mini DID. Firstly, consumers appear really sophisticated vaping on a unit no one else has ever heard of before; like they were let in on a secret. Secondly, these mods are truly gorgeous. Thirdly, MMVapors mods are reliable, heavy duty units. You can feel that when you hold one. For the price you should expect them to keep going longer than most.