Mid Cities Vapor

Search the more than 300 choices of e-liquids produced by Mid Cities Vapor to find a perfect profile for your palate. This company uses organic nicotine and USP food-grade ingredients, yet produces an affordable line of juice from their North Richland, Texas, location. Shop with them online or visit them in person. They also sell electronic cigarettes, mods, tanks, clearos, and parts, but only in the store.

E-Liquid from Steve and Sharla Belcher

Liquids at Mid Cities Vapor are made in-house from USA-sourced, kosher ingredients. Childproof bottles contain a 50/50 blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

The owners, Steve and Sharla, fully and conscientiously describe their facilities for the concerned citizen who has become a little fearful about some of the less professional or mysterious methods e-juice is made under elsewhere. Have no fear: if there is anywhere cleaner, I would be surprised.

MidCitiesVapor.comJuice Flavors: Mid Cities Vapor Review

Visit the bakery without consuming a single calorie. Head to the bar, but don’t get drunk. Eat fire and live to tell the tale. Sip coffee sans caffeine and soda without bubbles. Taste fruit from the orchard, flavors from the ice box, and candy that will not rot your teeth. These are the flavor headings at Mid Cities Vapor.

A Few Selections from the Bakery

For lack of a better place to slot this style of juice, Bacon has landed in the bakery along with Banana Crème, Bravery (extreme cream), Creamy Strawberry with White Chocolate, Sweet Cream, and Nutty Vanilla. That last one is a butternut squash vape with vanilla, believe it or not.

Traditional Juices, a.k.a. Tobacco

Menthol, Berry Pipe, and Butterscotch Blend sound like great tasting alternatives to analog cigarettes. Butterscotch Blend is sweeter than RY4.

Saloon Flavors

Pull up a stool and vape some Berry Rose Champagne. It’s sweet and floral. Black Honey Whiskey, Peach Brandy, and Rattlesnake add character to the cocktail menu. Rattlesnake tastes like coffee liqueur, whiskey, and Irish Cream.

The Café

Caramel Espresso costs about the same per cup as the entire 10ml bottle costs at Mid Cities Vapor and that 10ml bottle will provide several hits. Try a Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee or Mexi Hot Chocolate. That’s a spicy version of your usual mug of cocoa.

Candy Vapes

Two types of salt water taffy listed by Mid Cities Vapor are Laughing Banana and Cherry. Caramel on the Rox is smooth and sweet but with a pinch of salt. Swedish Fish are chewy; Dark Chocolate is creamy and rich.

On Ice

Almost any flavor goes well with menthol or Koolada. Abominable Snowman tastes of extreme mint and menthol. Try Cool Wintergreen, Frosted Vanilla, or Frozen Banana.

On Fire

Warm up again by vaping anything tasting of cinnamon. Various levels of this warm spice have been added to candy apple, clove, wild cherry, and vanilla.

Sodas, Minus the Burp

Crème Soda and Dr. Cherry Mid Cities will take you back to the soda fountain from your (or your parents’) younger years. Mango Guava Tea is a refreshing alternative.

Orchard Treats

Admittedly, real fruit is better for you than vaped fruit. Still, if vaping makes you hungry, find yourself craving real Apple and Grape, PeachSuckle (peach and honeysuckle), Strawberry Pineapple, or Pineapple Peach.

Vapor Cloud 9

Mid Cities Vapor makes vegetable glycerin-dominant e-liquids that produce major plumes of vapor. They include Zeus’ Throne (nectarine), Clouds of Texas (tobacco), and Foggy Caverns (nutty, sweet caramel). Each 20ml bottle is priced $12.99.

And Finally

This is a really approachable company where customers are greeted like family and made to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The owners are patient, kind, and enthusiastic about what they do. Get in touch with them by email, give them a call, or place an order online. They offer free shipping past the $99-mark.