The makers of MarkTen E Cigs are also the makers of Marlboro cigarettes. The parent company is Altria, but their subsidiary is NuMark. NuMark is responsible for the e cig line so they get to take most of the praise or flack over this latest addition to an increasingly tight market.

*Note* – If You’re Looking To Buy E-Cigs Online

Marktens aren’t available for online purchases, and so at the bottom of this page, I have my top picks which can be purchased online, along with discounts for each to save you money :)

Markten electronic cigaretteRoom for Competition

Is there room for one more e cig company to join the ranks of V2 Cigs, Bull Smoke, South Beach Smoke, and Vapor Zone? If you have ever visited Magic Mist, a company that makes its own e cigs but also markets compatible cartridges and batteries for possibly every model of electronic cigarette available, you will have seen how many brands are being sold in the United States.

Few of them will ever compete with the big boys, but others are nearly as good as the top ten models. Why would a tobacco company offer their own take on the e cig market?

Surprise, Surprise

Maybe you didn’t know this, but several e cig companies are owned by Big Tobacco. It’s like they are dipping their feet in the water, wondering if they should take the plunge. Is the time right to downsize their tobacco market and play up the benefits of smoking?

There is certainly room for lots of cigarette brands. Perhaps vaping will take over from smoking one day, but not yet. Smoking still out-ranks vaping with only a fraction of smokers making the switch, particularly women.

Not everyone is thrilled by this revelation, while many consumers prefer not to know that a tobacco company owns their favorite e cig manufacturer. Still others think it is the right move for tobacco companies to make: use their money to develop a healthier option. For the consumer who hates any association between cigarettes and cigalikes, there are numerous independent companies.

Markten 4 hole drawMarkTen Review

So if you are going to compete, your e cig has to offer something different. The makers of MarkTen think they are onto something with their four-hole draw.

Most e cigs are made with one hole inside the cartridge which offers some resistance and prevents getting juice in your mouth, but it can be a tough draw. Their four-hole system makes puffing easier for sure. Two battery holes promote air flow.

Another unique marketing strategy is calling their e cigs both disposable and rechargeable. NuMark sells their MarkTen e cigs for the price of disposables, but they are rechargeable.

Here’s The Basic Starter Kit

Markten Starter Kit


Cartridges come off so you can replace them. The only thing is you have to buy the charging kit separately. This is the usual screw-connection but is proprietary. Customers have tried to connect other cartridges to the battery without success, either getting no draw or an airy one.

An Effort to Learn More

The MarkTen website does not make that process easy or convenient. You have to create an account just to browse, so anyone interested should probably search for these products from participating retailers. There should be lots of convenience stores selling Altria tobacco products that will also offer MarkTen e cigs. Marketing was certainly heavy, so why does the company have to make browsing so difficult?

And is there a good reason to bother? By all accounts, the MarkTen is a fairly tasteless entry in this market. Some e cigs are too sweet or too strong. This one lacks flavor altogether. There are just two choices: menthol and regular, regular being nicotine without additional taste, apparently. The ingredients are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, water, and flavoring. Nicotine is shown as 1.5% and pretty weak.

MarkTen Battery

When your battery starts to die, the LED light will blink 10 times: a bit of overkill there, but it gets the message across. Do not expect to wait long. This is a small e cig: small enough to rival the smallest electronic cigalikes out there today.

Markten Battery next to standard sized e cig

With a tiny battery (the size is not indicated on packaging but guesses range from 90mAh to 180mAh, maximum) comes the age-old problem: battery life is significantly lacking.

It is going to feel just right in your hands and look like an ordinary cigarette, but by the time you are done with the MarkTen (if you bother), expect to be hungry for a cigarette. Do not despair of giving up smokes, though: there are many options still open to you, including some great-tasting cigarette-style flavors.

Markten boxMarketing Madness

It’s amazing how much effort went into marketing this product. NuMark was sending out coupons and free products last year.

When you buy a MarkTen, there’s a coupon inside reducing the cost of a charging kit.

Coupons are excellent advertising tools that create return customers. If the owner passes it on, he helps to make a new customer.

Another marketing strategy is to encourage recycling. On the website you see a home page feature addressing frequently asked questions.

The manufacturer emphasizes the importance of recycling batteries and why one should do that.

Ironically, the maker of one of the environment’s worst enemies — cigarettes — is promoting recycling. It’s a good thing though and they provide a number you can call to locate the nearest battery recycling depot.