Majestic Vapes

For Californians who don’t think there are enough vape shops in or near L.A., here is another good one: Majestic Vapes. This Los Angeles vape shop sells juice, batteries, mods, and more. They sell some lovely equipment but also generic starter kits.

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The spread of products is good enough to attract people who have never vaped before. A Joyetech starter kit costs between $57.98 and $71.98, depending on the battery that goes with it.

Choose a 650 (eGo Twist, eGo-T, or eGo-T passthrough), or a standard 1000mAh battery. This kit also comes with a charger, mini Vivi Nova Tank, and a beauty collar plus two more coil heads.

Tanks, etc.

The AGR+ Pyrex Cartomizer Tank costs $24.99. Buy an Innokin iClear 30 or 30B DCC. The Mini Protank 3 is sold here for $14.99. The Aerotank Kit is $23.99 on sale: that is a little higher than the lowest price, especially with $7.95 flat rate shipping.

Gorgeous Mods

An Akuma Mechanical Mod does not get the kind of press time it deserves. While the competition is selling Madz Modz and EHPro, Majestic Vapes carries a $220 red copper electronic cigarette featuring an Australian brass locking ring. Each one is engraved with an almost heraldic logo and serial number to show authenticity.

The Kamry K100 mechanical mod set costs an affordable $59.99. Its inclusion here next to the Akuma demonstrates the extremes of vaping prices within the industry and at this site. Each is a wonderful device, but the Akuma has a boutique and sturdy quality while a Kamry has the appearance of a more practical tool except that customers can choose a color.

Juices at Majestic Vapes

E-Liquid by Lost Art Liquids comes in five flavors, each one sold in 15ml bottles for $10.99 with up to 18mg of nicotine. Kaptain Peanut Butter Krunch tastes like a peanut-buttery version of the cereal.

There is more peanut butter in Solitude with a bit of honey and sweet cream. Maybe it’s called Solitude in honor of all the people who take a jar of peanut butter and a spoon into a dark room when the clouds roll in.

Chivalry features honey custard plus caramel, banana, and other layers. A rich candy-fruit style vape is Simplicity with creamy pineapple. Finally, Etiquette contains strawberries with various creams.

What I Like about the Majestic Vapes Site

Shipping costs are unpopular and mess up a consumer’s math. You think pricing differences are straightforward until you realize that a purchase would be free at one place, and free at another if you could hike the bill up a little.

Majestic Vapes charges to ship the Akuma Mod in spite of its $200+ price tag. Yet, what I respect is their transparency, adding shipping prices when you look up an item, not waiting until the checkout page.