Hey guys, I recently received an order of vapor juice from Madvapes, and loved it, so I am starting a review of them, and immediately added them to my top e-liquids chart.

I can hardly go further talking about Madvapes without mention of their prices. If you are looking for vaporizers, tanks, mods and the like, you’ll find a ton of them as well as their great flavors.

I will be adding more to this review page, but wanted to give a shoutout to them for their flavors for now.

Check ’em out:

Among the top reasons for selecting an electronic cigarette retailer, a reliable supplier of parts and new devices, is the prices they offer. Madvapes is one of the cheapest places to shop. Although the margins are stabilizing thanks to there being so many e-tailers competing over customers, this Mooresville NC company is leading the way. They also provide a wide selection not just of brands and models but of parts to please the handyman (or woman) vaper who likes to get the most out of tanks and atomizers by maintain and rebuilding them.

MadVapes.comMadvapes Review

There is plenty of exposure over the internet for this company. Their affiliates are doing a good job which shows how enthusiastic they are. You don’t promote a firm as an affiliate unless they have your own business. Reviews suggest the company is generally good to work with, ships items quickly, and is helpful to customers.

Some Products at Madvapes

Categories of products sold at Madvapes are the same more or less as the usual company’s headings. They have got e cigs, mods, new products, parts, DIY inventory, batteries, chargers, Innokin stock, and nicotine liquid. Since 2009 the product line has been evolving with the industry itself. That makes Madvapes a mature player in the field.

Banners flashing across the screen alerted me to the newest items in the Madvapes lineup. They included Kayfun products and the Valkyrie, which I’ll mention again later.

Various Mods at Madvapes

It was easy to choose a modifiable electronic cigarette and narrow the search to specific expectation such as voltage, semi-mechanical or fully mechanical devices. Among semi-mechanical electronic cigarette mods Madvapes carries the Anodized Bolt, available in multiple colors for $19.99 each (base unit only).

This mod is designed for use with 18500 button top, protected batteries which are not included. It is especially effective with a 1.5-ohm dual coil carto or 2 to 2.5-ohm single coil carto according to the write-up (a helpful addition to the product description). This one has a side-mounted horn switch.

Also from Bolt, Madvapes carries a bundle and an extension kit.

The Chaser Chrome Pipe Mod for $49.99 and Guardian Wood E Pipe for the same price are two more semi-mechanical mods at Madvapes.

An Auto Box mod for $17.99 was a 5-volt example. Devices rated 3.7volts included Diablo e-Pipes and Mini e-Pipes for $44.99 or $39.99. Madvapes has the EHPro Caravela, Origin and, as mentioned above, a Valkyrie ($51.49).

Totally mechanical mods include a Smok E100 Extender starting at $44.95. An EHPro Cronus or Maraxus will set you on your way for anything from around $45 to well over $100.

Less Powerful E Cigs

It is okay to shop at Madvapes as a newbie. No one will make fun of you in spite of all the pricy stuff listed above that is just for experienced vapers. If you want to know something, look it up under a heading for e-cig information or contact the store. Madvapes is run by people who started out like you did and are glad to share their knowledge.

A 510 automatic (or manual) Super Shorty Kit contains two batteries, five cartomizers, chargers, and costs $35.99. It is like a mini cig kit but slightly better. A Madvapes-own kit with two 900mAh batteries and two clearomizers costs just $39.99, which is excellent value.

Parts for Vaporizers

Electronic and mechanical gizmos break down, lose parts, or something malfunctions while the rest of the item continues to work soundly. Madvapes carries extra LED lights including slowly-changing colored lights.

They have button switches (they lose their spring or fall out sometimes), tactile switches that come with activators, an AAA laser pointer, and a volt indicator. Pick up batteries, chargers, and a battery box to keep those rolling cylinders under control.

More Parts

Parts of a tank, like the top and bottom cap, might still be functional, but the tube cracks. In this case replace just the tube with a Pyrex RSST for $4.99. Select a pinstripe gourd drip tip for $1.99, something new at Madvapes. Also new is the U-Can 2.0 Stainless tank for $13.99.


The prices at Madvapes for e-liquid are fine. Top Vapor is US-made, AEMSA-certified liquid in bottles of 10, 30, or 50mls starting at 2.99 for 0% nicotine in a 10ml bottle, reaching as much as $4.49 for 36mg and the same volume.

The blend is typically 80/20 in favor of propylene glycol. Flavorings are all organic and alcohol based. Examples are black raspberry champagne, caramel popcorn, cherries and cream, coffee cake, and Lucky 7. Madvapes carries 146 varieties from Top Vapor.

Their own line is called Lion Head with just 18 flavors, mostly tobacco. It is all USP-grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, about a 50/50 ratio. Bottles are 15 or 30mls with 0, 3, 6, 11, 18, and 24mgs of nicotine. That’s a really lovely spread for the hesitant quitter.

An extra-dry Turkish-style tobacco is Dry Season. Riverbed Ravine blends 4 tobacco varieties with a hint of sweetness for a full-bodied experience. Sweet Rainforest, combines vanilla, caramel, and tobacco, much like a RY4.

Final Thoughts about Madvapes

The threshold you have to surpass for free shipping is $100 which is a bit high, but not unusual. Besides, if you are buying parts or mods it will not take long to reach that point. Many consumers pool their orders to overcome this problem anyway.

The spread of mainstream and complicated vaping products is good: I like that they did not limit themselves to just what everyone else is carrying. That strategy can be so limiting you have nothing to grab customers with since their selection of possible vendors is too great.

The juice is nothing exciting, though it is great to see the occasional unusual flavor and whole section dedicated to tobacco vapes.