Mac Sauce E Juice

The “Mac” of “Mac Sauce E Juice” is known for his Macaveli Hybrid and other high-end mechanical devices. Mac has a lot of experience in this industry and has established trust among vapers. He has also been making an e juice line since 2013: 7 flavors costing $12 for 15 ml, and they are excellent. You will love them out of the bottle, some a little better after they have steeped.

Mac Sauce Introduction

First let’s meet the seven e juices. Lychee is their only straight fruit vape but Breezy is also fruity with a twist. Scream and Peaches and Cream are two more fruits plus extras. Milk Tea and Smooth Vanilla are dairy-style vapes. LBC: we’ll leave that one to your imagination for a minute. All of these are made to a 50/50 blend, bottled in glass, and come with a dropper built into the lid. Nicotine ratios climb to 1.8%.

Mac Sauce E Juice Review

Each of Mac’s e liquids is great tasting and sometimes a surprise because the occasional person has reported enjoying a flavor he normally despises.

The clear, colorless Lychee liquid tastes fresh and real, like an actual lychee. Whichever melon you find in Breezy is described as being crisp with a light menthol finish, so it’s not minty but cool.

Milk Tea, in the style of “Boba” or “Bubble Tea” from Taiwan, could have turned out in many different ways. North Americans consume versions that are thick, thin, fruity, syrupy, or contain tapioca. Mac’s version is a creamy, sweet black tea.

Another creamy, delicious product, Smooth Vanilla, stops short of being a custard vape. You could steep it to bring out vanilla bean qualities more intensely but will enjoy it without steeping too.

Scream contains the flavor of fresh strawberries with whipping cream. Cream can be clotted, whipped, thin, sweet, thick, and so on. Here it is light with the promise of sweetness supplied by the fruit. Peaches and Cream would be similar: fruity and fresh with added density.

LBC has a lot of people guessing: could this be a reference to some kind of California beach or locale? It’s very clever, actually, “LB” referring to the abbreviation for “pound.” Now you can guess what “C” stands for. This cake vape is the heaviest Mac Sauce available.

Exploring the Line

Once again, a handcrafted e juice line contains zero tobacco and just a hint of menthol to suggest any connection to a former smoking habit. Tobacco is the exception now rather than the norm. Do you hear the populace complaining? I don’t think so. Instead, forget tobacco for a minute and review Mac’s flavors. The most original two in my opinion are LBC and Milk Tea. Although there are loads of tea vapes, few have tried to imitate this exotic import. Not a lot of craft juice companies are into cake-style e juice either. Its simplicity is a stroke of genius.

Mac hasn’t gone out of his way to find unique combinations. Instead, he has reinvented existing flavors so they are fresher, more authentic, and better quality than a lot of the varieties you already know. If you think you don’t like a style of e juice, try a Mac Sauce E Liquid and think again.