Lizard Juice

Penillas Park, Clearwater, Tampa, Oldsmeer, and Seminole possess something in common besides being towns in Florida. Each one is the location for a Lizard Juice store. This Lizard Juice review takes a look at their range and price of stock and, most importantly, the juice they are known for.

E Cig Stockists

Rather than labeling their starter kits for what they are, the eGo kit is a Lizard Deluxe with two batteries. They sell a 350mAh kit called a Sleek Lizard, plus Lizard Tail with cartomizers and a TECAB tank. Lizard has taken generic kits and put their name on them for a price that could be lower.

Accessories like eGo batteries are $19.95, and CE4 clearomizers cost $9.99. Their charging nest is a compact item for $24.99. Their L-Vod (or EVOD) costs $14.99. I’m not blown away; prices are okay. I like the nest: it’s not every day I see one. Suckers used to hold eGo e cigarettes ($3.99, cheap in this case) are a great idea and lovely, inexpensive prezzies that are light enough to send inexpensively in the mail to friends.

LizardJuiceLizard Juice

Four categories of juice are offered with some flavors entering multiple categories. The most unusual item is their Lizard Milk: coconut milk, rum, and pineapple. Ice Raspberry and Strawberry Kiwi are two more members of the fruit club.

Highway 101, reminiscent of 555, joins Clove and Euro Outlaw (sweet cigar) under the Tobacco heading. For drinks, they carry Mocha, Orange Blast, and Rum Punch. Finally, in the dessert section there are Mint Chocolate Chip, Pure Joy (coconut and chocolate), plus Tiramisu.

All flavors are available in 0, 6, 12, or 18mg of nicotine costing $12 for a 15ml bottle.

Some Thoughts

Opinions about Lizard Juice suggest that, in spite of the slightly higher price they are paying, consumers would rather choose Lizard than any old cheap rubbish. It’s good stuff as we in the vaping community have come to expect from Florida vapor juice creators.

Only a few reviews are posted however, unless you look right on the Lizard Juice website, which is never recommended, at least not as the first and last place to check. Consumers should always take testimonials posted to a brand’s site with a grain of salt simply because they are weighted in the company’s favor.

Staying Connected

Florida’s vapers are a large and connected society, mixing on social media, forums, and at events around the state and beyond. Lizard Juice knows this is the way to go: participating in the same arenas where their customers turn up. Take a look at their Facebook page. The owners also welcome other, more traditional forms of contact (even email is starting to look traditional).