Joyetech eRoll

Is the Joyetech eRoll the best cigalike for new vapers? Some commentaries suggest that it is. After all, it looks like a black, white, or silver analog. It fees like a real cigarette; light and slim. Most Joyetech products are associated with eGo or expensive, high-tech vaping equipment. Read this Joyetech eRoll review to find out how it is different from other starter models.

Small Battery

This is a tiny Joyetech cigarette with a small, 90mAh battery. Most e cigs come in slightly higher power ratings as a minimum. How can the eRoll compete with those more powerful systems?

Probably it competes because Joyetech is a better model than many of the others. Exceptions crop up, but Joyetech is a favorite because it routinely performs well.

How Does Joyetech Do It?

Joyetech has created a tiny tank system, much like the eGo, but smaller. The blank tank is refilled with juice regularly — very regularly owing to its 0.4ml capacity. But what you also get is a device that uses an APV atomizer.

A high-performance device like this causes your cigalike to act like an eGo apparently. At least all of the signs are good: consumers are willing to overlook its small capacity in light of its performance. Replacing atomizer heads extends the life of your eRoll.

Buying a Kit

The eRoll starter kit costs around $60 to $80 because it comes with a personal charging case. Every review of every electronic cigarette will tell you that a PCC makes vapers very happy. The kit also comes with an atomizer cone, two heads, two batteries, three cartridges, and the two chargers. This means you have to buy liquid, which you might find is thrown in by some e-tailers.

You will definitely need that second battery. 90mAh batteries tend to last a couple of hours, maybe twice that, but definitely not all day. This is why the PCC is invaluable.