Joyetech EGo

Joyetech is one of those names you see a lot of on e-cig wholesale websites. A company selling multiple varieties of electronic vaping equipment is almost certain to carry Joyetech, which is perhaps the biggest name in eGo batteries. This makes it easy to write a Joyetech eGo review: there is plenty of information and virtually all published opinions of this battery are positive.

What is an eGo Battery?

Experts point out that the eGo battery is pretty much the same from one version to the next. What changes is the other stuff that goes with your Joyetech eGo. Additional names for the batteries are meaningless. You get a feel for this when you visit the futuristic Joyetech website where they feature their latest, greatest innovations. There is always something new from Joyetech, where they are constantly improving on their line of e-cigs.

Versions of the eGo

An eGo battery is designed to last several hours, not the two or three you might get out of a typical e-cig battery. Values are usually from 650mAh to 1000mAh. An eGo C and an eGo CC are also similar, just with different tops. The CC allows users to see how much liquid is left in their atomizer through a narrow window.

Vaping with a Twist

There is an eGo-C Twist with short circuit protection. It features a 3.2v to 4.8v power adjustment which is where the “twist” comes in. To adjust power, you rotate a knob at the bottom. The twist works with 510 and eGo accessories, as they are the same thread.

Standard Safety Feature

Batteries are locked using a 5-click method. You press a button five times and it will switch off so you are not accidentally using battery power or leaking e-juice through your pocket.

Rainbow Array

If e-cig smoking is good for your ego, then eGo batteries suit numerous personalities. They are made in regular and extra-large sizes and so many shades you could have one for every shade of clothing you wear. Batteries come with starter kits but are also available separately.