Joyetech 510

When you see the term “510” in relation to e-cigs, this refers to the threading of the atomizer. In the case of a Joyetech, their 510 series is much the same as regular e-cigs except with a three-piece design, not a two-piece design as you will find at Halo, Blu Cigs, V2 Cigs, etc. They look like the standard e-cigarette.

A Joyetech 510 Review

What does this mean for users who want a cigarette that looks like their old-fashioned sticks of tar? As for usage and feel, there is little difference between 510 and 510-T. When attached to the second half of the stick, the entire item looks like an old-fashioned cigarette making it a comfortable first choice for a new and possibly skeptical e-cig customer.

Joyetech Ratings

The advantage of choosing Joyetech 510 over other companies’ electronic cigarettes is that they sell highly-rated products which produce great vapor. If there are new e-cig designs elsewhere on the market, Joyetech might have been responsible for them. Some companies sell Joyetech products alongside their own small assortment of goods. Most companies selling assorted e-cig products carry the Joyetech 510 and 510-T, unless they specialize in tank systems.


If you use any type of Joyetech 510, it will be compatible with a regular e-cig battery. Visit the Joyetech store and you will see all compatible products labeled “510” so you know which batteries and chargers to buy. The Joyetech website is one of the most user-friendly too. There are videos on the site if you prefer to see rather than read about how to use an e-cig.

Also, Joyetch conveniently carries 4 varieties of 510 batteries. These are regular and extra-large, manual and automatic.

Refilling your E-Cig

A Joyetech is designed to be refilled whether it is a 510 or an eGo style pen. This means you get more vaping for your money and numerous flavors. These include tobacco, fruit, and alternative flavors. Joyetech is well liked in every respect by grateful customers, but if you prefer someone else’s e-juice, it will work fine in their tanks and cartridges because of the re-fill system.

Buying Joyetech

Joyetech products can be purchased online. They are also sold at physical shops throughout the country.