Jet Fuel E Liquid

What started as a family business, something small, has become much bigger; a company that the e cig world has embraced. Jet Fuel E Liquid is a premium e juice selling at $12 per bottle, carried by only the most particular vendors, and wowing the public. Meet their flavors in this Jet Fuel E Liquid review.

Dazzled by Scooby on a Pacific Island

Here are some flavors: see if you can guess what they taste like:

• Scooby Snacks
• Sour Spectrum
• Razzle Dazzle
• Watermelon Sundae
• Rise N Shine
• Pacific Island
• Aloha Punch
• Takes 2 To Tango
• Choco Strawberry
• Papi Churro

Along with their original e cig line, Jet Fuel has started a Tobacco menu: the Godvapes. These are Big Mike, Scarface, Soprano, and Fat Tony.

All of the original flavors are a blend of 60% vegetable glycerin, 40% propylene glycol while Godvapes are made from 100% VG. Nicotine percentages are 0, 0.6, 1.2, 1.8, and 2.4%: standard for most juices. There is a Jet Fuel website, but use it to learn what each title is supposed to taste like and to find vendors or become a distributor.

JetFuelELiquid.comFull-Flavored E Liquid

Scooby Snacks is a peanut butter and jelly combination. You won’t know whether to eat it or vape it, especially when you open and smell the liquid inside. When you vape it, Scooby Snacks also tastes and smells like peanut butter and jelly, with bets open on which type of jelly they were thinking of. The peanut butter is strong on this one. Vapor clouds are enormous.

Papi Churro is one of their most popular and most frequently reviewed e juices. Consumers want to know Jet Fuel makes it taste and smell like fried baking. It’s so much like a real cinnamon-and-sugar churro that if you closed your eyes you might think the churro truck was parked right beside you. The flavor is full, accurate, and vapor is excellent.

Kaptain Amerika is another best-seller, maybe thanks to the Marvel movie and its hunky hero. Kaptain Amerika is a fruity vape, the fruits in question undisclosed. Takes 2 To Tango is another fruit flavor, while Aloha Punch provides an e-liquid rendition of tropical fruit punch. Pacific Island isn’t the same thing in spite of their similar names. This one evokes tropical fruit and citrus.

Rise N Shine shares most in common with Scooby Snacks and Papi Churro. It’s a blueberry waffle e-juice, but Razzle Dazzle (raspberry menthol) reminds us that Jet Fuel loves their fruits. With Sour Spectrum that comes across in candy form, like the type you eat at the movie theater. You don’t need a vapeology degree to know what Choco Strawberry tastes like.

Not Enough Press

Many of these products do not get the type of explanation you would like when you look for them online, so the best thing to do is visit a California vape shop. Jet Fuel is made in Los Angeles so several L.A. stores support the company and sell their premium juice. Try a few. Try them all. That’s the easiest way to find out if you like something, but not always practical, especially if you live in Nebraska or Washington.

Watching reviews is helpful too, but the average person will find (as you can see) that there is plenty to read about two or three flavors and not so much about the others. What’s a shopper to do?

I recommend signing up for a subscription with a company that carries Jet Fuel and specifying your interest in baked, fruit, or dessert vapes. This way you are likely to receive a bottle of their juice eventually. You could be waiting for some time, but the lower price could make the wait worthwhile.