Jersey Shore Vapors

Jersey Shore Vapors sells just one thing: vapor juice. Their selection runs to 23 styles, then you are done. It is a simple approach to online retail: almost too simple. The Jersey Shore Vapor website is simple to navigate; clean and bright to look at. I would have liked a few more words about the company and its ingredients though, including an address.

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At least we know that their nicotine is USP-grade, but I never assume that this means their vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are also USP-grade or that their flavorings are FEMA/GRAS-certified. All products are made in the United States with what they describe as “a generous amount of flavoring.”

Nothing is written about the conditions of their lab either: whether it is a certified clean room or FDA-approved. Silence on the issue suggests that no measures have been taken to achieve certification.

Flavors by Jersey Shore Vapors

The flavors are mostly standard items you have vaped before and will vape again: Double Apple, Mango, RY4, Cola, and others. The price per 10ml bottle is $7.99, or $13.99 for 30mls with 0, 11, 18, or 24mg nicotine. Pricing is okay: not the best, but you could still be saving money overall.

The company waives shipping fees for orders of $50 or more. Mind you, that means having to order a lot of juice since there aren’t any batteries, clearomizers, or mods for sale.

A Marby sounded like it could be interesting, but is just a short term for lovers of MB. Does that stand for Marloboro cigarettes? Should a Marby taste like analogs? Nothing is said on the site, but if you are an MB lover, you will know. Dark, rich tobacco is called Jersey Devil Dark and is a little more expensive: $12 for 10mls or $21.95 for 30mls.

Only one item really caught my eye: Opium. This is an unidentified mixture of spices with a curious name.

Recommended Hardware

While Jersey Shore Vapors does not sell hardware, they are happy to recommend some. According to them, the Volt by Smokeless Image is a decent product. Jersey Shore Vapors provides a link to their website. Smokeless Image happens to be a New Jersey company. I applaud Jersey Shore Vapors for supporting a company from their own state.