Island Time Vapors

Which island does Island Time Vapors​ refer to? Is it Barbados, Tahiti, or one of the Hawaiian Islands? Could they have the Isle of Skye or Vancouver Island in mind? They are located in Merrimack, New Hampshire, so it’s probably not a tropical island; an east coast island where you get 4 seasons, not all of them sunny and dry.

Yet their flavors seem to reflect a different kind of island experience, more like one of the hot places mentioned above, though I say that with some uncertainty about their flavors. Their logo shows a palm tree anyway so the owner was thinking of tropical islands. His website is different from his Facebook page, which is different from Lineage Vapors where their line is sold. I think there needs to be some communication between everyone and an invitation for people who don’t know the company to visit them online — or try to.

IslandTimeVapors.comIsland Time Vapors​ Review

Let’s start with their web presence, actually, because that is going to hold them back for a little while. Facebook shows 5 flavors, one of them called Blue ****. We are supposed to know what those asterisks stand for, but they could refer to anything. Certainly it’s rude.

Later we discover that those asterisks stand either for ‘Meth’ or ‘Myth’. Either they can’t make up their minds or their vendors misspelled the name.

I couldn’t seem to buy any juice either or find out what it would cost to purchase Island Time Vapors​. Their Facebook page isn’t too bad. Since launching in the summer of 2014, they’ve already made it to almost 300 “likes” which is excellent. In a few weeks I expect to see a lot of Youtube reviews owing to the popularity of Dragon Breath alone.

Dragon Breath: Popular Vape

Dragon Breath is a strawberry, cream, and cheesecake vape, the last flavor being light on the palate for a touch of tanginess. Jungle Juice is an exciting e juice: you get something different out of every inhale/exhale. Within that profile you should notice exotic berries and chocolate.

First Vape and More

From Root, their flagship vape, the overriding flavor should be root beer. It’s an all day vape too, so not too heavy. Gin and Juice tastes like tropical fruit. Gin isn’t even mentioned in the description. A new one appears to have been released: Crème de Orchata, but that depends on where you look.

Confusion Online

The Island Time Vapors​ website shows another list of e juices, referring to the ones above as “customized e liquid” while the other flavors are just regular flavors, I guess. They include Pina Colada, Key Lime, Cuban Cigar, Black Honey Tobacco, and Irish Cream Coffee. I don’t know where you buy these items: they are only featured on the main site, not by Lineage Vapors where the line is sold. From the Facebook page we know you can choose 6, 12, or 18 mg of nicotine per milliliter.

The problem right now is that miscommunication I mentioned above. Since the product catalogue was only recently launched, there are bound to be some issues, but I would have preferred for word of mouth to do its thing while the company organized itself properly. Then they could have represented themselves more clearly online. As it is, I’m just confused.

YouTube Stunt

And what was that “call out” the owner of Island Time Vapors​ issued on YouTube: a challenge to two guys to dump ice water on themselves? This fellow had his son pour a garbage can’s worth of icy cold water all over his head from the deck, no doubt as a way to get some attention. I walked away from that post with no further knowledge of the company; no desire to know them better.

Labels: the Strong Suit

I love the labels at Island Time Vapors​. They are classy, artistic, and exciting. The artist has played with dark and light to produce original works which will be added to a legacy of excellent artwork elsewhere in the vaping market.

If you get your hands on one of these glass bottles, keep it; collect them all. They are gorgeous, each one unique. Instead of the tacky, obscure, flashy, cartoon-y, or tattoo-y stuff going on in the industry elsewhere, these guys chose a series of labels that make sense and are utterly gorgeous.


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