A perception of Innokin depends on the model you have tried. Some users are stuck on Innokin, choosing the brand over any or almost any others. Some consumers prefer to look around, hoping to discover features they find missing in their Innokin device. An Innokin review is really several reviews, looking at how multiple models perform.

General Points

Innokin is available from many online e-cig shops where they also sell Joyetech, Kanger, et al. Innokin is considered one of the top brands. Also, the makers regularly come out with updated versions of current models or innovative new products, so their line frequently changes both in terms of content and performance.

iTaste VV V3.0iTaste VV 3.0

Reviews for the iTaste VV 2.0 are divided. One professional reviewer was sufficiently happy with this model to give it more than 4 stars.

Other reviewers were not as satisfied, while a further look revealed some 4 ½ and 5 star perspectives. To be safe, I will give this one a 4-star average.

Perhaps some nay-sayers are unhappy with the 800mAh batteries which are not all that big for an eGo vaper and do not hold their charge very long.

Then again, with the passthrough feature, you can charge and vape simultaneously. Maybe ratings are partly determined by whether a person’s cup is half-full or half-empty.

Atomizer resistance detection makes it especially easy to pick the voltage/wattage you should select. Being square, the iTaste is unusual, so if you like to stand out, this is a definite plus.

All Clear for iClear

Innokin iClear features a dual coil clearomizer which works with the iTaste, MPV, and eGo style Innokins. You can replace the coils for a longer-lasting product, but it lasts and lasts anyway. Resistance is 2.09 ohms. Consumers say they experience a satisfying throat hit and their mouths fill with vapor.

Users dislike not being able to change the drip tip. If you have a preferred model, too bad: you have to use the one your iClear comes with, which is fine if you like it, but a lot of people do not. Many reviewers prefer to stick with a different APV model in spite of the major vapor the iClear produces.