Indy Vapor Shop

In this Indy Vapor Shop review, you will find out why I really like this electronic cigarette sales site. There are many features which stand-out. Indy is located near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway which is how it gets its name.

Customers might also infer that “Indy” means “independent,” which Indy Vapor Shop is. They state their views honestly and carry only what they believe in. The Indy Vapor Shop pledge is to sell quality products at fair prices, offer friendly service, and give candid information. Testimonials reinforce these claims.

The Line-up

Since this is a general e cig shop, you will find good equipment made by several companies and, potentially, a changing line-up. Two stand-out names on their list are favorites of vapers: Joyetech and Kanger. Others are also featured and, when new models come out, they wind up at Indy Vapor Shop.

Shopping Categories

Vapers look up items by brand name or model, so if you want an eGo or an 801, look under “model.” To find Smoktech, Boge, etc., check in their “brand” list. This simplifies your life tremendously, especially if you are not brand loyal and want to know who else offers products you need.

Also, find out more about brands Indy Vapor Shop carries. This is an unusual and helpful feature. So is the “Blind Taste Test” in which random customers receive samples of juice. Not knowing what flavors they are, participants are able to form honest opinions which general customers benefit from later.

Finally, Indy Vapor Shop posts a section for “Maintenance and Budget.” Lots of people wonder how much it really costs them to vape. Cigarette smoking was costly: will vaping be any cheaper?

For the average person, this answer is “yes.” Vaping is cheaper unless you develop a habit beyond your old smoking ways, which can happen if you become a connoisseur.

Looking after your vaping equipment ensures it lasts as long as possible. Cleaning it properly gets rid of traces of old juice thereby limited crossover between flavors and prevents the rancid or stale taste which can result from using dirty clearomizers.