Few companies get to say their product was accepted for investment by a member of the Dragon’s Den team, a number of businessmen and a woman from a popular Canadian show. They hear all kinds of business proposals and accept a fraction of those to invest in. One of those, which a single member of the panel chose to invest in, was ICEcigs by Andre Girard and Sheldon Croome of Calgary, Alberta.

icecigs.comICEcigs Premise

The idea isn’t new anymore, but if you haven’t heard yet, e cigs allow smokers to continue puffing and holding a cigarette between their fingers without actually smoking. An electronic cigarette warms up e liquid until it becomes vapor. This vapor forms white, puffy clouds rather than grey, choking smoke.

Flavors at ICEcigs all emulate tobacco or menthol cigarette flavors: Bold, Canadian, etc. As a result, these do not attract an audience of 14 year-old would-be smokers the way fruit-flavored e cigs and e hookahs do.

They are designed to appeal to smokers who are desperate to find something that will replace their reliance on cigarettes or their addiction to nicotine. Compared with patches or gum, e cigs have made it easy to transition.

ICEcigs Products

There are two styles of products: the Cigarillo-style e cig and the Real which represents an actual cigarette. Cigarillos look like slim cigars and also taste like cigar tobacco, in this case Black Cherry.

A box of Cigarillos costs $39.99. Pay $84.99 for 12. Each one is priced $8.99 and there are nicotine-free or 2.4% nicotine varieties. Each one is supposed to provide 800 puffs. These numbers are always overestimated so don’t get your hopes up. Compared to other similar items on the market, ICEcigs are a decent price.

Real cigalikes have a soft tip so they don’t feel like metal. On sale, they are priced $2 for each one or $10 for a 5-pack. There are 2.4%, 1.8% (light), and nicotine-free versions. The Nicotine-Free heading will take you straight to everything they carry with zero nicotine.

ICEcigs Review

These are tiny e cigs: smaller than Blu at 3.34 inches long. In fact, Girard and Croome claim these are the world’s smallest e cigs.

A question, however, is how to interpret their claim that the battery only endures for 150 puffs when the e cig lasts for 800 puffs. If their products are disposable, how do you get 800 puffs out of a 150-puff battery? I’m sure there’s a simple answer (maybe a USB charger with the pack). All the company needs to do is re-read their FAQ section for clarity.


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