Hoosier Vapes

They have it all at Hoosier Vapes: several styles of e-cig for early- and high-level vapers, parts, supplies, and e-liquid. As this Hoosier Vapes review will demonstrate, the business also takes an average person’s pocket book into consideration with great pricing.


By that I particularly mean that Hoosier Vapes looks after mod users who would otherwise be used to paying over-the-top prices. They sell clones and items that resemble the expensive stuff.

Sometimes an item is costly, as much because of its scarcity as its quality. Often, the features that cause it to be so highly priced do not affect performance, like whether the outer coating is made of surgical grade stainless steel or anodized aluminum.

There are exceptions, of course, but the K100 Telescopic (designed to resemble and Empire Mod) works well for a fraction of the price ($29.99). China GG and 2-Tone China GG mods cost $26.99 or $31.99 and look a lot like the $150 mods you see on competitors’ websites.

New Stuff

Among new items at Hoosier Vapes is the Chammer: a $54.99 Kato Hammer clone. It is gorgeously photographed, showing etched details, and very kindly priced.

Clearomizer coils are new, $1.49 for two. Check out featured new items listed below top-sellers, shown to the right of the screen.


Right now, top-sellers (hardware only) include pre-drilled cartomizers ($1.49 each), Protank/Evod coil heads ($5.99), and the MNKE 18650 high-drain battery (1500mAh) for $7.99 each. Sony VTC4 18650 flat top batteries, 3 amps, are selling for $10.99. These are not necessarily sale items, just the ones that are flying out the door.


Hoosier Vapes sells the following brands, most of which the average vaper is looking for. They are Vision, JoyeTech, Seego, Boge, Kanger, and Vision. Seego makes eGo starter kits like their single and double battery versions, both of which are competitively priced.

Juice from Hoosier Vapes

Hoosier Vapes sells its own line of vapor liquid plus Dekang options. A Premium Vape costs $9.99 for 15mls (an average price) and comes in a cobalt glass. Glass bottles force the price up in comparison to plastic ones, but they are also preferred because plastic seems to affect the flavor of e-liquid over time. Glass is the best vessel for your vapor juice, even if it is more expensive.

Varieties include orange dream (like an orange creamsicle), fruit pizza, chocolate truffle, and blue raspberry. RummyChata is Horchata with rum of course, while gooey buttercake is comfort food plain and simple, but without the heart attack.


Many of the discounts you want from e-cig shops are found on forums and at review pages, but you can also find them onsite. Hoosier Vapes shows you how to get a 10% discount by quoting their code: HV10.