High Tech Vapor

Billy Sr. and Billy Jr. are your contacts at High Tech Vapor, which makes this a family company. Bill Ash owns the firm: which “Bill Ash” is not stated, but the same name works either way.

The owners state that theirs is a family-friendly store. They fully expect to see kids there, so you can imagine how relaxed the environment is. It’s not like a tavern or a nightclub where loud music is blaring as you sometimes find at vape shops.

htvecigs.comA High Tech Vapor Review

You are now in either the Aurora area of Illinois or their new store, Elmhurst. They are open Tuesday to Sunday, but online purchases can go on 24/7. The High Tech Vapor website is a frustrating place, namely because it looked like it could be so easy to use.

Products were listed by item and manufacturer. In fact, the site led to a lot of dead ends which made me wary about how many listed headings I should even try.

Dead End Trail

Many online stores post headings that are not filled by anything. Products might be listed there one day in the future or maybe there were and now they are not. Seeing one or maybe two such headings is no big deal.

High Tech Vapor’s internet homepage, however, is laden with these false leads. This problem should be cleaned up. Maybe deceptive listings (intentional or unintentional) lead to search engine hits that bring clients to the company initially, but this should not happen if there is nothing to see.

Brands at High Tech Vapor

Some of those dead ends referred to products by Youde and Boxing Green, but listings that do exist are the general big sellers for most all-purpose e-cig retailers: HCigar, Boge, Innokin, and Kamry to name just 4. They have a Kamry USB X6 charger for $5.00 (450mAh). The MVP 2.1 is listed for $70. I thought that was high then looked around and saw one for $75. It’s still not the best price, but this is V2.1.

An Innokin iTaste SVD iClear 30 starter kit costs $100. Again, this seems pricey. The Kamry K-101 Mechanical Mod 1800 series for $70 is decent. Try the Innokin iClear Changeable Dual Coil Clearomizer or version iClear 30. A Smoktech DCT Tank made with a Pyrex tank for use with juices that crack plastic is priced a reasonable $15.

High Tech Vapor carries accessories too, like adapters and coils, so they could be considered an all-purpose electronic cigarette retailer.

Products by HCigar

There are loads of HCigar products such as the Caravela ($55), Kayfun 3.1 Kit ($60), and a 3D Dripper for $45. HCigar is known for its high quality clones plus its own Kayfun series of rebuildable atomizers.

Liquids at High Tech Vapor

High Tech Vapor carries several brands; really good ones. If you try to find a flavor without specifying what sort you want, you could be searching for half an hour, sifting through The Standard, Space Jam, Five Pawns, and others. Use the filter for your convenience.

Star Buzz e-liquid is carried here in 11 flavors with 6mg or 12mg of nicotine only. The size is not indicated but a bottle costs $22.

Ordering your Products

A flat rate is applied to orders under $59. Pay $4.95 or add a few things until your bill comes to $59.01 or better. Then you get free shipping.

A Sixty-Day warranty applies to hardware carried at High Tech Vapor, so if the battery is faulty, bring it back for an exchange. They’ll help you out.

Electronic Cigarette Knowledge

On the website for High Tech Vapor, there are two categories that should make especially good reading for new vapers. They are E-Cig History and E-Liquid Educator. Look up the answers to all of the questions that have niggled at you about vape juice, electronic cigarettes, and where the business got its footing.