High Caliber E-Liquid

You can expect a lot from a company that touts itself as high caliber. In the following High Caliber E-Liquid review, the notions they hold of themselves could be challenged. High Caliber E-Liquid is made in the United States but maybe not to the same standards as boutique liquids.

The Blend

High Caliber E-Liquid is made with a combination of half propylene glycol, half vegetable glycerin to produce solid vapor and decent throat hit. There is no zero-nicotine option, but 0.6 to 2.4% concentrations are created for customers. You can expect to pay around $6 for 10mls, $15 for 30mls. Each juice is constructed from nicotine, distilled water, artificial flavoring, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin.

Reviewing E-Liquid Caliber

Comments from customers below each product as listed on certain sites present the viewer with an average between the good and bad statements. If consumers have generally enjoyed a liquid you know as much owing to a 4- or 5-star ranking. If it gets less than 4 stars, this could be owing to extreme views (some people use this juice daily and love it while some hate it) or to an underwhelming flavor.

Choices for Vapers

Flavors such as tobacco, sweets, drinks, and fruit styles include many of the usual types of e-liquids; stuff you have seen before many times. The likely reason for choosing High Caliber E-Liquid in preference to the other choices you find here is that theirs are relatively cheap and pretty easy to find.

Where the really good stuff is out of stock, High Caliber keeps the supply coming. Will it taste as authentic, however, or come across as chemical or similar to perfume? You only know once you have vaped the brand. All palates differ somewhat.

Buying E-Liquid from High Caliber

Before I list a handful of flavors, note that High Caliber E-Liquids is not sold from a proprietary website. A few electronic cigarette stores sell it, such as My Vapor Store (with a 10% discount when you purchase three bottles) and Santa Clara Vapors. The latter vendor offers these products at discounted prices but limited nicotine values: 18 and 24mg. They subtitle High Caliber E-Liquid as “America’s Most Wanted E-Liquid.” It might very well be among the most wanted at prices like $12.95 for 30mls (SCVapors pricing).

You can also buy High Caliber E-Liquid from their wholesale source as a distributor. Vapor Associates are responsible for this brand of nicotine juice. Look to them for your supply of inexpensive products made in the United States. In the past, it sounds as though the makers of High Caliber E-Liquid used to sell it on and companies would add their own labels to someone else’s liquid. They don’t do that anymore.

Juices by High Caliber E-Liquid

Much of their list is predictable. Tutti Fruity contains a lot of fruit: it’s not a type of ice cream or cream-style liquid. Cherry and Cinn-a-bun are two more sweet vapes; common ones. Blueberry Frost adds a cooling agent to the fruit. Cold Fruit Fusion takes a similar approach, but with more fruits.

High Caliber E-Liquid gives new names to familiar mentholated fruit vapes. If you sample Our4 (RY4) or Red and White (analog-style tobacco), there is a good chance of being disappointed. Several really good examples of RY4 have set the bar too high, while cigarette tobacco is virtually impossible to copy.

Tiramisu or Orange Cream could be more reliable. Vanilla Cocoa Mint blends three classic dessert bases into one potentially luscious creation.


There isn’t anything silly or creative going on here. You won’t offend your mom by offering her a bottle of High Caliber E-Liquid, but as gifts go, the bottle will not inspire either. They tend toward patriotic symbols and descriptive pictures of what a flavor should resemble. Do not anticipate ownership of a bottle worth collecting in terms of shape or the art that covers it.

Rating Caliber

Can this juice call itself “High Caliber” honestly? In one regard, no: quality is sacrificed for affordability and quantity. Theirs is accessible juice, however, for which it can rightly claim high status.


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