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Henley is a popular brand of e cig, and this Henley e cig review will touch on why. Apart from its cutting-edge looks, the brand has lots to offer, including multiple e cig models.

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henleyvape.comFirst of all, Henley carries a regular-style electronic cigarette, the sort which looks like an analog cigarette and helps smokers quit smoking. They cannot be marketed as smoking cessation devices, but notes on forums and reviews suggest that using a cigalike encourages the switch.

So, with Henley you have your introductory e cig. Pay $29.95 for a set of three in one of two tobacco styles or menthol. A starter for $19.95 contains one rechargeable battery as is standard, a USB, and three cartridges. Most units only come with two.

Their Deluxe Starter Kit costs $69.95 and features a personal charging case. Consumers always love to see one of these in a starter kit, but their presence is sporadic at best. Henley has already won over a lot of customers by putting a PCC in the kit which also contains an AC adaptor, two USB cords, two batteries, and five cartridges. I have no complaints about the price or the package.

Part of the way e cig companies earn customer loyalty is by providing discounts. Henley runs a cartridge club. Instead of a secret hand shake, you just have to know your flavor, strength, and how many months you want to sign up for. Choose 6, 9, or 12 months at a discount of 20%, 30%, or 40%.

Cartridges come in 24mg or 18mg of nicotine: you are not going to break your nicotine habit with Henley. Their 10+ flavor choices include the usual selection with some variation: cappuccino instead of coffee; strawberry instead of grape. All of them are fairly common, but these ones are full of flavor.

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Official Website: http://henleyvape.com

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