Helios Vapor

Besides being a sophisticated name for e-juice, Helios is the Latin word for “sun.” This is sun juice, made in Southern California in glass bottles featuring that flaming star which, when seen from a distance, doesn’t look very intimidating. The sun is a star, and so is the juice named for it.

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This Helios Vapor review has to pause over something important: the ingredients list. It’s right there, under its own heading, and satisfied almost everything your curious mind is wondering. How often have you had to search for these details, often in vain? What a frustrating task.

All you want to know is what grade of ingredients they use at Helios. Ingredients are all USDA natural organic, local wherever possible, and the tobacco comes from Virginia. There are no sweeteners or artificial colors contained in any of their three flavors of e-liquid (and they do appear periodically in other juices).

It’s important that vapor shops be willing to share this information: you deserve to know, as a consumer, what is being added to your clearomizer or tank, and to your lungs as well. Besides, while buying their liquid you keep these brands in business.

Flavors of Helios E-Liquid

The three titles are Carmine, Gold, and Meteor. Carmine is a melon vape you can puff on all day. Gold is the Signature blend full of light, refreshing summer fruits. Enjoy a RY4 with presence but not too much punch from Meteor.


The makers of Helios sell it wholesale to distributors, not directly to customers. Thus, you will find it at Giant Vapes, Cloudscape, Domo, and perhaps others as time goes by. Remember this is just a small company: product output should not tax their ability to maintain standards of quality and safety, which the company has clearly sought to establish.

Purchase Helios Vapor

When you find this brand, the price should hover around $13 for 15mls making it another one of those pricey juices. At least in this case your money pays for USDA organic ingredients. Will it pay for top flavor, though? After all, the motto at Helios is “Pure Satisfaction.” Will you achieve that? There is a good chance of sunny skies on your vaping horizon.