Heaven Gifts

First of all, Heaven Gifts is not an online gift shop unless all of your friends and family are vapers and you want to buy them electronic cigarettes. The name is a little strange and misleading. This Heaven Gifts review is all about electronic cigarettes and e juice. Secondly, if the phrasing did not give this fact away, Heaven Gifts comes from China.

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Heaven Gifts Products

The list is pretty long, but manageable and predictable: predictably good. Buy Kangertech, Joyetech, Vision, and iSmoka products. Search for Aspire, Samsung, and generic brands (what they call “Neutral”). Select some Sanyo or Panasonic batteries.

Dekang and Hangsen make the juices on this website, not surprisingly since they both come from China. Their selection of juices gives you the choice of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), or PG/VG ratios. Buy international tobaccos and fruit blends: hundreds of mixtures for loads of different tastes.

Cartomizers are categorized as Pyrex, DBC, BCC, TCC, DCC, and airflow-adjustable. They separate non-changeable from rebuildable atomizers and DIY.

Choose starter kits for VV/VW, tank, and e-Pipe systems. Order an e pipe kit, a simple 510 electronic cigarette, or a PCC kit. Categorization is sensible and user-friendly.

The $60 PCC Joye eRoll kit contains a cone, two atomizer heads, and two automatic batteries in black, white, or silver. There is also the personal charging case, AC-USB adaptor, three tank cartomizers, and a USB cable.

Shop here for cables, mouthpieces, and cases. Look for lanyards, adaptors, and cones.

Heaven Gifts Prices

An advantage of purchasing products from Heaven Gifts is that their prices are excellent. You will generally pay less by shopping online through this Chinese e cig store. If you are in time to take advantage, their Spring Festival sales make shopping even cheaper.