When I read a Hangsen review by a vaper, it was suggested that Hangsen is just Dekang under a different name. Another writer came along and cleared that up. Then a discussion started about re-branding, which is a really useful topic for new vapers. Consumers should know the juice they are vaping might not be made by the supplier. The label has often been changed to hide the fact that it was made in China and is potentially low-quality stuff.

HangsenHangsen E Liquid

In the case of Hangsen, you are not buying Dekang liquid and no re-branding has gone on (unless you buy a knock-off). The company comes from China like Dekang and flavors are probably similar in lots of ways, but this is an independent company. A few vapers comment that Hangsen is smoother than Dekang while they are equally inexpensive.

Hangsen’s 5 series are really 4 series of flavors and a DIY kit. The 4 flavored collections are Diversity, Premium, Stars and Stripes, and Shisha. You can guess at Stars and Stripes while Diversity is just lots of blends under a single heading.

Premium juices are supposed to taste as much like authentic cigarette tobacco as possible, though they obviously lack the aroma and flavor of chemical death. Six types include RY5 and RY6. The Shisha category contains 24 possible sweet vapes.

Juices are 99% pure and contain only USP grade vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

Hangsen Electronic Cigarettes

The company also makes its own e cigarettes, the Power Series and Clearoz Series. The D6 model is their highly affordable disposable electronic cigarette. Prices are set by authorized dealers. Hangsen sells their goods wholesale.

The Power Series contains three Echo-mods: D, V, and USB. An Echo-D is for experienced vapers. Its battery lasts 15 to 20 hours and sports a blue/red LED battery indicator. Batteries range from 650 to 1100mAh and come in lots of colors and patterns. The unit is also available as a kit. The USB presents a tiny USB port for successful vaping without batteries.

From the Clearoz series, you get a C2R, C3R, and Vivi. They are ideal for intermediate vapers, but the D6 is a cheap and easy starting point.