Halo Cigs

By Rebecca Diaz

Halo Cigs is best known for innovation in the electronic cigarette industry. It has created a couple of vaping devices with that not only meets the demands of users looking for a nice product, but also manages to keep things simple.

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The cigarette itself and the e-liquids that are on shelf are the brand’s strongest points. If you haven’t tried it out yet, you are missing on something big. Here is our take on the brand and an attempt to help you realize why Halo Cigs is one of the leaders in the industry.

The G6 Cigalike

Halo Cigs is immediately different from the first time you hold it in your hand. Its high quality electronic cigarette, the G6 is equipped with rubberized texture that gives you a luxurious feeling. The battery isn’t just great looking, it also offers very respectable performance.

G6 E Cig Kit

It lasted for a couple of hours, which is what you should expect from an e-cigarette that’s the size of a standard tobacco cigarette. One thing that I noticed is that the manual batteries produced a bit more vapor, particularly the small version, probably the best hit I’ve experienced off of a mini battery.

After performance, it’s worth noting that they have one of the coolest color selections of batteries. They are just simple colors, but unique, and very cool in my opinion :)

Now that you know about the basics, let us pull your attention towards the flavors offered by Halo Cigs. As mentioned earlier, Halo Cigs signature e-liquid is one of the finest lines of liquids we have come across, for your basic tobacco and menthol blends. Just like with their e-cigs, they keep it simple with their flavors.

Halo Vapor Juice

If you are looking for good tobacco flavors especially, trying their is MANDATORY! Just get their tobacco sampler, which is just under $30, and you can try a few flavors, all of which I enjoyed!

Unlike other stuff around these days, Halo Cigs does not produce gimmicky flavors. The flavors on board actually taste like what they claim on the box. Our favorite so far has been the classic tobacco flavor that gives us exactly what we want from an electronic cigarette, a simulated tobacco cigarette experience without the toxins.

Tanks and More Powerful Batteries For Advanced Users

They also offer the Triton Tank system, which is an eGo-style battery with a nice, simple tank system.

Halo Triton Tank Kit

For anyone that knows their way around vaping tanks, it is threaded up top, so you can unscrew the mouth piece, and fill from the top. (Many devices require you to flip it upside down, and remove the atomizer to fill it, which always at some point ends up in e-liquid all over the floor, or your lap 😉 ).

The Triton is an excellent basic tank for anyone looking to get something more powerful that will last longer. The standard kit comes with a 400 mAh and a 650 mAh battery.

They also have upgraded batteries, including a 900 mAh variable voltage battery option:

Triton Variable Voltage 900 mAh Battery


More Tanks

You also have the option to get tanks for the Triton in different colors, which is really cool!

Also, if you enjoy the G6, like I do, they offer a line of mini tanks that fit the G6!

Here are a couple of blue tanks:

Blue Tanks

Halo Cigs is top notch, good looking and exciting e-cigarette brand that is here to stay. I really love the brand and we would definitely recommend it to anyone who is just starting out to experience the world of electronic cigarettes, or who wants to get something more advanced with a great e-cig tank system.

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