GreenStix do not seem to sell much of anything, and whatever they are selling is difficult to read about or buy. They are an e-cig ghost: a rumor more than reality. The number one web link I found during a search led me to a YouTube review that told me more than the next 10 items put together, which was not much it has to be said. What is GreenStix?

A GreenStix Review: Not Much to Go on

I think GreenStix is a new or tentative business. Maybe they want to get a feel for the market and their place in it before going into major production/advertising. They had better get on with things, or change their name. Between Liberty Stix and Green Smoke (not to mention a bunch of other e-cig companies with “green” in their name), it was no easy feat to separate GreenStix from the others.

What Do We Know So Far?

So far, I can tell you there is a GreenStix disposable available for sale. It has been designed to resemble a regular analog cigarette. This means the battery is white and the cartomizer is tan.

The one difference in looks that is really noticeable from the second-hand smoker’s end is that a green LED light shines when you puff. No one ever saw that from either end of a regular cigarette (especially not the smoker, who can’t see the tip anyway).

This green light is possibly part of the reason for their name, or the green was chosen to complement their name and the green idea behind GreenStix as a company.

A GreenStix battery is on the big side; some might say it is huge, but only by mini cig standards. If you are used to eGos with 650mAh batteries and larger, this is nothing. All it tells you is that the power behind your mini cig is pretty good because the bigger your battery is, the longer it holds a charge and the more power it potentially provides while in use. Voltage contributes to power as well, but I have nothing to say in this department.

That battery seems to produce a lot of vapor for something so small.

Flavor of GreenStix

If not for this one point, GreenStix could merge into the background and no one would care except its owners. The flavor of their tobacco is considered one of the most pleasurable and authentic the reviewer had ever tried. He noted that many other e-cigs taste like cigars but this one was smooth like a real light cigarette.