Great Lakes Vapor

Jay and Sara of Great Lakes Vapor have lain down the gauntlet. If they can craft USA-made vaping mods in their home town, why can’t the rest of the industry turn to US craftsmanship? Why are all of these mods, advanced vaporizers, and regular electronic cigarettes being created in and shipped from China or the Philippines?

They do not ask these questions outright, but the fact that this small company can build a popular and effective mod is statement enough. It feels like a just challenge. An investment in Great Lakes Vapor mods is an investment in Michigan.

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What device is responsible for emitting the most powerful vapor possible in Michigan? Probably the Great Lakes Vapor Mod: it comes in several sizes.

The XL costs $120, or you can order a mini for $99. They are made to order so there is never a stock to draw from. You will just have to wait for your product, but the wait is worthwhile.

These are made by the owners to be incredibly durable and unique from any other design.

Great Lakes Vapor Mods

These devices are made from high-grade aluminum and are each fitted with a military-grade button. The long, thick tube holding your battery (or two batteries in the case of an XL) does not end naturally in another tube, the tank and mouthpiece. These parts are attached to the side of the mod so they follow the same direction, but are lifted up and away from the straight line.

The end result has a militaristic appearance when in its black or silver state, something resembling a monocular. Adding colors to the final piece takes away from this impression and there are loads of those around. Buy protected 18650, 3.7-volt batteries.

Other Hardware at Great Lakes Vapor

You can also use this site to buy a five-pack of 510 empty cartridges, a stainless steel atomizer, or the Mini Vivi Nova Tank by Smok. GLV-2 rechargeable batteries cost $10. Everything is chosen to go with the Great Lakes Vapor mod. There is, however, very little stock of even these items.

E-Liquid by Great Lakes Vapor

The flavors for Great Lakes Vapor E-liquid are simply listed with a note next to those which could potentially crack your Stardust tank. Buy 10mls of juice for $7, choose 30ml for $20, or select a 60ml bottle for $30. Waffle Berry, Skinny Mint, Fire and Ice, and Grape Tarts are just a few: nothing unique. Pineapple Peach Punch is refreshment on a summer day.

In Store

The Brighton and Farmington stores carry other stuff: Vision, VapeOnly, and Kanger, for example. The Brighton location is also where juice is made by Jay.

Website for Great Lakes Vapor

If the stores are as dark as their website, bring a head lamp. This is a tough website to read and demonstrates why white is the preferred background. Not only is it hard to read, but customers must realize that this is not an all-purpose site.

Of course you are welcome to buy juice on its own, but there is not a whole lot of selection even when the items listed on their webpage happen to be in stock. Don’t hold that against Jay and Sara: they work overtime to craft juices and mods to the highest possible standards.