Grand Rapids E-Liquid

Whatever is going on down in California, Michigan, is starting its own e-liquid, e-cig revolution. The state is home to a number of sturdy businesses offering juices and equipment to new and advanced vapers. Find Grand Rapids E-Liquid located between the Huntington National Bank, a Tattoo Parlor, and the Christian Reformed Church.


It’s all very dark at Grand Rapids E-Liquid, or at least their website is. I could barely read some of the words on the site because they chose a black background, maybe in honor of The Lord of the Rings (referenced in their juices) or David Bowie (a kind of musical anti-hero).

Firstly, there is a heading for starter kits but no starters listed. I’m never sure what this means and I see it often at other websites.

Is the shop waiting for a new shipment of products or waiting until something they like appears on the market? Did they set up the site with this option prepared for later when they have secured good deals on starter kits that satisfy their exacting standards? I don’t know.

Mods and APV’s

Advanced vaporizers, however, are loaded under their separate category. Try the Hammer Clone for $57.95: an item which Thor would be proud to hold, but for a much lower price than the authentic device. A Joyetech eVic is priced $100.95. Perhaps a Nemesis Clone for $40.95 suits you since the real thing, again, would be much dearer.

These are high-level pieces of equipment, not for new vapers. The Smok Magneto is another one: $44.95. Grand Rapids E-Liquid carries the iTaste VTR for $94.95.

Other items include coils, tanks, and RBAs. The company has made wise choices, selecting reliability over niche value. Their customers will appreciate this decision and come back for the parts to match.

Prices at Grand Rapids E-Liquid

Already I see a trend emerging, and prices in this Grand Rapids E-Liquid review do not score highly. They are charging a little too much for products so far. It’s not highway robbery, but be aware that you can do better. Let’s see how they do when it comes to their various selections of e-liquid.

Premium Juice

There are just 6 Premium e-liquids on the list, each bottle selling for $4.75 (10ml). Firstly, it’s great to have this choice to buy a small bottle. Secondly, $4.75 is fair. The highest amount of nicotine available is 24mg per volume. Ratios of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are 35/65 either way, or 50/50.

Choose juice with a flavor boost or without it, plus menthol, sour, and/or a sweet additive. With prices like this and so many customization options, I would have to vote in favor of Grand Rapids e-liquids. Vapers love to have fun with mixing and experimenting, especially if the mess stays at someone else’s lab.

The theme for this line is 1970’s and early 1980’s musical acts, especially David Bowie. His recording history is captured in vapor juice with Chai-na Girl Chai Tea e-liquid and Dance Magic (sour mango and kiwi). Goblin Key equals almond, coffee, and cinnamon; something bittersweet. I wondered if the image represented David Bowie circa Labyrinth.

The Standard Juice Series

Among the 16 Standard E-Juice flavors, there are more cultural references, just not always to music or particular movies. Mount Doom — named after the mountain Frodo and Sam must scale in their quest to destroy The Ring — is actually a refreshing and sweet Mountain Dew juice. Anyone notice the irony?

Collin’s Non-Bacco really does smell like tobacco: smooth pipe tobacco with coconut. A Privateer should taste pipe tobacco and cherry in his bowl. Other flavors include Orange Clove and Peppermint Hot Chocolate.

Just 22 Flavors

That’s a paltry range of tastes for consumers to choose from. Then again, with the option to customize, there are more choices than you think.