Here’s another one of those anomalous names in the electronic cigarette business: GotSmok. Actually, they don’t “got smoke”; they’ve got vapor. In fact, they don’t personally sell any vapor, smoke, batteries, cartomizers, etc. This is where vapers go to look for directions. GotSmok is like a vaping GPS.

GotSmokGotSmok Review

As a result, this is one very crowded website. I can’t say you’ll necessarily like it until you get used to the set-up. Promotions for various products take turns along the top while a long stretch of them fill the right-hand side.

What you will like, though, is discovering where to find the best deals on electronic cigarettes, parts, and juice. One category is all about coupon codes. If you have ever been to an online coupon site, you know that these are not always in date or deals are not what they are cut out to be, but GotSmok just provides the list. Customers have to find out what will happen when they place an order somewhere.

Coupon codes came from Alba Vapers, Health Cabin, Hot Vapes, LJE Smokes, and just about everyone else.

Discounts and Deals

Some of the discounts are limited-time offerings for specific items like certain brands or models of tanks, RBAs, etc. Like any e-tailer’s webpage, the list of products potentially on sale or sold at always-low prices is extensive and thorough. That list includes all types of parts: mods, RBAs, tanks, chargers, batteries, etc.

Featured Vapes

One item on the list when I looked was an expensive brand of e liquid. It had come down in price with a coupon code to a still-expensive price. If you vape with that particular brand of juice, though, every discount helps.

Bottles featured under e liquid deals were Halcyon, The Standard Vape, and High Desert. While a favorite juice brand might not be on that menu today, that’s not to say it won’t be featured next week or next month. Contests and promotions come and go.


Several battery chargers made their way onto the catalogue because they were a good deal or on sale somewhere. They included the Efest Bio V2, Nitecore i2 Intellicharger, and XTar. The person who runs this site is not married to any brand, so here’s something you will like: his honest opinions about the items featured.